WeChat marketing is not as simple as you think

WeChat is now very fire this is the fact that I have to admit, when the fire micro-blog when we missed, and now WeChat fire I think no one wants to continue to miss. However, look at the current status of WeChat marketing is really very sad, the vast majority of enterprises in the use of WeChat micro-blog also used when the brush WeChat, plus fans, advertising.

I have been engaged in the promotion of SEO and network marketing work for micro-blog and WeChat is only a rough understanding. But I think, no matter what is the core content of marketing. But look at our current network status, SMS and e-mail group, micro-blog group, WeChat group which is marketing? I think it is only making the Internet garbage, because we are not just trying to create value to obtain the value from the user for the user.

WeChat marketing is not advertising hair can be, WeChat fire because it creates value for users. The internet shortens the distance between people, then WeChat is to establish a social tribal tools. To write this article because yesterday evening with our leaders went to the WeChat marketing what course, after listening to half past ten, I’m hungry riding a bicycle for an hour to get home, the course will give you a list of data that the mobile Internet and the rise of the market, and WeChat there are a lot of users exceeded three hundred million successful cases. Fuck finally said a shake and function of people in the vicinity of WeChat, I never play a WeChat knows how to use it in the middle of the night also need to listen to your lectures? The last is to sell what the master said carefully, the host is moved to tears to say what the future of the enterprise, to the West we work together to create a better tomorrow? I thought I was in the classroom


WeChat is really very fire, I summed up the three aspects of everyone to see what I said right:

a user needs

WeChat is indeed a good software that can not be denied, it reduces the cost of our communications, to strengthen the flow of information online and offline, strengthen exchanges in the community.

two, corporate curiosity

enterprise’s curiosity, to know the current most enterprises boss is 60 after 70 after they know the Internet is very few, and they are very interested in the new things to understand, but WeChat has this thing that no one can understand what use, it gave birth to many large training institutions the division level.

three, training hype

above the needs of the business owners, then the training institutions should be born. The master took various amazing case, like the great leap forward peasant commune movement, a few thousand pounds of radish donkey pull.

WeChat marketing is not as simple as you think, even if you have a public platform, even if you have hundreds of thousands, millions of fans; if you do not have good content to meet the user, then there is no two zombie powder. When you step into the WeChat platform, the first

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