Several common network marketing methods in China

summed up the following domestic network marketing several popular network marketing methods:

1. pornography: most of the domestic websites are useful in this way, including many large websites are using the network marketing method above will use some provocative statements, or beautiful pictures of MM, to attract users to click. I know a few webmasters have mentioned, they click on the Adsense ads are those with beauty, video and the like by clicking. If not by Miss Zhang’s sex scandal video, a video website in China will not develop rapidly, and has recently been recognized as the largest source of yellow Thunder download, I believe there are a lot of traffic is brought by these video download. If not, they would have deleted the video.

2. public opinion and speculation: today a lotus, tomorrow to Yang Lijuan, the network Reds appear constantly.

3. national complex: Chinese love China, this is all the Chinese people know. Note that this website also use this golden opportunity to bring information to us Chinese also brought a lot of traffic. At first, Sina grow up also because he is not the first time to grasp the US embassy bombing of the news, and released a new network to the user using the website, the speed is too fast, I’m afraid we are now flying brother Liu can not go beyond the..

4. rogue software: no matter how 3721, loaded re count. Anyway, it can not affect the number of heavy and cumbersome, let him keep it there. China’s largest personal site HAO123 in the early stages of the adoption of malicious modifications to improve the flow of personal home page, but most users think it can be very convenient, it is calculated. Later, 123 grew up, but also began to pay attention to personal image, did not continue to modify other people’s home page.

5. with a good brother, Great trees are good for shade., basically do not do marketing, Baidu, Sina original China with Sohu, Google with YAHOO, Microsoft with IBM, now they have become their field of big brother, received a lot of the younger brother. The younger brother, I do not know which day it will grow as big brother, oh, wait and see.


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