Lou loose type website promotion lightly hidden behind what

in the "2011 work summary" independent blog post, Lu Songsong understatement summed up the 2011 own blog promotion: "visit blog blog, give them two comments; will still go to station submission, send the article; will still point information in various micro-blog, and then continue to understatement wrote:" these promotion, you know. Only a few people can stick to it. I think the core issue is the promotion of the site can adhere to".



Lou loose wrote many posts on the blog promotion, also received a lot of interviews, but Lu Songsong did not confess his blog operation method, in the "blog" is simply a list of years who write the article number and work flow.

in fact, Lu Songsong’s website promotion is not from the beginning of the promotion – but from the beginning of content planning. Obviously, he is very clear about the location of the readers of his blog is the location of the webmaster, but also know what to read the contents of the master (picture), and continue to operate, creating a unique original content for the owners love.

only in the first 20 days of 2012 as an example, "early experience," shopping comparison sites "blog" N light play with a known IT people to the parity site and the two light blog remains to be popular emerging network service mode of experience and comments (although the netizen suspects "than the" "the Internet is soft); enterprise" play "mobile phone" is the entire Internet industry mobile phone trend summary; "2011 work summary" independent blog is a blog summed up operation years, were caught in the webmaster group about the topic.

and "Raiders", with 12306 booking train tickets "95105105 phone," Raiders "IT" grab the long road home during the Spring Festival "the vast majority of Internet people grew up, homesickness was a narrow ticket" homesickness knot, to fight, fight not to mind taking the trouble of labor resources, the original content of the first time from different sides, carefully organize the Lou song song style. It is not difficult to imagine, so the original content easier to pull the webmaster heart.

and "2012 girls" TOP10 Internet Co through editing and other combinations have been reported to the IT industry showcase beauty information webmaster attention, by Lou loose type language are reviewed and compared, let people have strong contrast effect.

so, Ding Tao "true blogger Lu Songsong, kings, without a plan like" that hit the nail on the head. Whether Lu Songsong is to accumulate experience, work way of thinking about the future, or is temporarily closed, and the ordinary grassroots webmaster, blogger is the same, the present he like all grassroots webmaster, Bo, you must first work every day, then life is the last blog, and content from planning to implementation to discuss basic > Advertising

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