Lean analysis data decision for Christmas promotion

every day, the major electricity supplier will put on a great in strength and impetus and unprecedented discounts and promotions, this is a very good marketing opportunity for businesses, now double the past 12, Christmas immediately struck, as a business, how to make the holiday promotions? Then you 11 analysis.


as a business, holiday promotion activities planning is not imagined it, but must have the basis for decision making, the era of big data, data analysis is undoubtedly the most reliable basis for decision making.

for the electricity supplier, the activities need to be preheated before the start, usually a week and two weeks of time, this is the official event to pave the way. Warm up time will be adjusted according to the festival atmosphere and activity.

activities including data selection decision, preheating preparation stocking decision, advertising data data decision three.


data selection decision: through SiteFlow® product analysis, web browsing, and click on the conversion of high commodities selected to distinguish what is selling merchandise, which is like tying products shown below:


through the above data we can get two results:

1.5 commodity browsing and two jump rate, commodity C and D jump rate of up to two

2 A browse the highest, but the two jump rate is not high

What is the result of

what can we conclude from the data analysis:

C and D 1 commodity browsing amount is not much, but the two hop rate as high as 80% and 75%, indicating that the user of the two items of interest, further bring the conversion rate will be high, the two goods can be considered as selling products, participate in promotional activities.

2 A browsing is the highest, but the two jump rate is very low, and this is the time to consider whether the goods in question, may do good products (promotion do more), but the user browsing product that is not wanted to see the products or content; introduce enough detail and other causes, this time can be considered to optimize the product introduction, how to look at the effect. If the two jump has been improved after optimization, the A is one of the hot commodity goods.

stock data decision: promotions selection after the next business need to do event forecast, which is to protect the effectiveness of sales promotion. For example, to participate in the activities of the goods can achieve the expected sales, how to prepare inventory based on the forecast value.

this we can also through SiteFlow® product analysis to determine, we look at a picture:


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