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one. In the end why marketing becomes difficult?

Li Jiaoshou asked the public question: what changes have you made in the last few years,


most of the answer is this:

users are distracted, more and more difficult to attract attention

media channel effect is getting worse

traffic more and more expensive

money can not get a good promotion effect of

spokesperson is not so useful in the past

these answers in my expectations, because as long as the marketing people, will have such a feeling.

take a part of marketing – [advertising], I often do such a metaphor:

if the advertising to Lullaby (essentially in the influence of the target user), then the past is similar to the "advertising to the user in a closed room, singing" through large-scale advertising bombing, forced them to accept the concept, the effect is very good.

and now the user’s attention more and more decentralized, more and more media, also led to the current advertising, is in the "motorcycle 100 kilometers per hour to put users a lullaby" – the user can still hear, but not so easy to be brainwashing.


so, affect the user’s cost is rising.

a lot of people have a similar feeling, in addition to advertising, as well as public relations, distribution channels, promotions, almost all marketing links – more and more difficult to affect the user, marketing costs are getting higher and higher.

so, this has become the core of a lot of people’s argument: distraction, increased marketing costs, resulting in marketing difficult.

so is this the truth that most people have a sense of "marketing difficulty", is it because of the so-called "distraction" and "competition" that lead to higher costs?

of course not, as long as it is a little out of time to analyze, you will find this so-called "insight", a little conflict with another fact: the total social marketing costs did not rise.


(data show that ad spending in recent years, the proportion of GDP did not improve the data source: PWC CITIC investment research and development, the National Bureau of Statistics)

so, why do we generally feel that marketing is getting harder and harder?

Before you can analyze the cause, you must first understand the two basic types of work: "


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