WeChat marketing on the marketing of several mainstream WeChat


Introduction of


WeChat (official website: http://s.weixin.qq.com/), is a mobile Internet social networking applications developed by Tencent Inc, and QQ, the stronger the relationship chain, and micro-blog compared to the spread of more directional and accurate. A strong social application.


is a successful Internet products, when the user base exceeded one hundred million people, suddenly someone invented a new word, called WeChat marketing, so a group of network marketing industry people began to study how to do marketing in WeChat.

on China’s network marketing promotion industry

for me, is not too fond of unhealthy Chinese network promotion industry, China’s network promotion industry deformity. Many cases do promotion mode and are contrary to morality, but more miserable is that many new people joined the line did not realize that it is wrong to do so, they only see others do what he do, while national laws are not mature, but also a cause of the occurrence of this situation the. I am writing this passage is to tell you that a lot of time to learn to distinguish what is right and what is wrong, here are some ways to promote my observation, but because the company research project, I personally do not participate in the promotion, so just in theory, in fact is to practice. Of course, there must be a bottom line.

at this stage WeChat marketing several mainstream


App and website promotion website from SEO, bidding, etc. with the promotion mode, the development of a few years, have been standardized, in the promotion of App, first of all to know this App some of the information and the function of App, after all, and the site is different, you are using App in promotion we can only use the functionality it offers, of course some App open interface is more convenient.

WeChat development up to now, the function is still only a few, it is estimated that after a variety of functions will be more and more interactive will become better and better. I give a few examples for your reference.

People near

I have seen the first I think more successful case is this feature, WeChat, perhaps the most valuable of this LBS based social elements of the service function. LBS precise positioning for some industries in the promotion of information will be very convenient.

case: my home is not far from a cafe, in addition to a restaurant, the boss’s cell phone all day and night hanging this, the introduction is usually promotional information and shop introduction.

case picture (online search)


need to pay attention to the place: this model is generally aimed at local businesses near the residents of the sale, so be sure to produce a brand, you can and leaflets