Lu Wu notes an alternative website promotion methods

for a long time did not write anything on the ADMIN5, has been very busy, and now finally have time, huh, huh, huh.


really wanted to say but, after some time, you can speak slowly, not what other requirements, I was just interested in programming, the ability is not strong, just tend to look at the site, specializes in the website of others. Today, I would like to talk about the site’s alternative promotion methods.

to the most common site navigation station as an example. As we all know, such a station, in general, each page has a large number of links, and each link is not the same domain name. At the same time in the home page, there will be regional services, commonly used query functions.

for web site links, we do not prevent them all become part of their website content, such benefits have two benefits, one is to facilitate the formation of user stickiness, and the two is easy to search engine included. Of course, the search engine is not friendly to the framework, our approach is the external links page (such as web site home page Sina common URL link) is divided into three parts, the upper, left and right, can see the demonstration: most of the links have created local page, note that these three parts not three frames, but three layer, the left is the main part, namely external links (iframe) content, and we can do some relevant keywords in the upper part, to facilitate collection. The right part of the ad can be put.

that I stand in front of the site generated the day before yesterday, less than one thousand of the previous PV, but today to the effect of 3100.

said above is just one method, another method, namely through the web site service, query and other small features to generate a large number of HTML, so that the search included, to search engine traffic, the traffic is very substantial, if such HTML pages do well. Of course, some people say that this is a garbage station. I don’t think so, the key depends on how you see. Garbage is not relative, there is no absolute garbage. As long as you have something useful to others, it is good stuff, good. You can say a lot of advertising, has done very poor but others need the station is garbage? What can you say an exquisite workmanship, but are Trojan flashy without substance,

station is good?

specifically how to do, I did not say that, in short, you think you do something useful to others, is good, do not have to look at how others say how to say.

to advise them by city + keywords, the content, the effect is good, such as Beijing mobile, Wuhan mobile, Shanghai industry and commerce, and the Beijing zip code, area code of Shanghai, there is a star, need a lot of such station, but you don’t do hot, do you like is the actress, you to actress + boyfriend, this pattern. Ha-ha。 Not much to say, we have the idea of it.


to say, do not do garbage station, to make your content valuable