From the birth of WeChat public platform to see network marketing

recently on the Internet, whipped up a public platform account show WeChat wind, we see a variety of media, website, well-known grassroots have opened a two-dimensional code. To be honest, I do not think that the function and use WeChat what is so popular, but Twitter is more focused on the observation of Internet marketing in their way, as for the quality of the product, we do not say.

today to take a look at the introduction of WeChat public platform, the official use of the wisdom of the network marketing.

WeChat public platform essence

WeChat public platform is WeChat official with the majority of the media and the public as a fulcrum to popularize their WeChat products. When all the media, groups, units and so on are opened a WeChat public platform, you think this is a kind of WeChat’s own viral marketing. Spread from mouth to mouth。

someone did not have to WeChat, but when he saw any of the public media he was concerned about, when the opening of WeChat, he will certainly be curious to see what WeChat is, eventually became a WeChat user.

surrounded by cities in rural areas, in order to start with science and technology media, small and medium sites as the guide


and WeChat by the media and the public platform how to group units, institutions are recognized and used? Is the official WeChat wisdom, they chose a breakthrough in Internet business website and technology website as a breakthrough. Use this kind of website to guide more medium and small media to use the public platform.

on the home page of WeChat’s public platform, the first column of the partner is such as iFanr, Lei Feng, 36KR, such as technology media. The truth is similar to IFANR, Lei Feng net such website is a website, compared to, large website this is simply not worth mentioning.

in accordance with the strength of Tencent, in Riga these partners some large portals as a partner is not at all what the problem is, why choose these sites as the most striking partner


because most of our grassroots webmaster, Internet entrepreneurs, most of the media practitioners will read such a site. For example, a grassroots entrepreneurs in reading 36kr, found that 36kr opened the WeChat public platform. Then he might give his website also opened a platform.

more and more small and medium opened the WeChat platform, WeChat platform will spread in the Internet media. So more and more companies outside the Internet to see so many sites have WeChat public platform, so it will open their own business platform for WeChat.

WeChat platform will be as popular as the current micro-blog. WeChat platform are popular, and that WeChat will be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

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