SNS is the next wave of gold digging

as a grassroots webmaster, sometimes I really hate myself not born in a good era, missed the development opportunities of the network. Toss over a lot of small sites, has not developed, one of the main reasons are to imitate others, money, money, resources do not have resources, the ability to have no ability, so it is difficult to develop. B2B heat up, imitate Alibaba launched B2B, found that there is no capital is difficult to develop, at the same time, the market competition is very intense, not grassroots webmaster can do. Classified information advertising fiery, but also introduced a small city of classified advertising, the result is just silently pay the sweat, but no return.

now SNS heat up, calm analysis of the reasons for the failure of the previous, and now SNS in the end whether it is worth grassroots webmaster to do. The first network model is nothing in 2 ways, one is the pure network, such as marriage dating, news, forum and so on, do not need to involve the traditional industry, another is the Internet + traditional, such as Dangdang, fence etc.. For grassroots webmaster, do pure network model is the most suitable, because the threshold is low, as long as you can do it. SNS is pure network.


did before the site failed? Mainly is the lack of experience, at the same time to rely too much on traditional operations, such as a B2B, not with the traditional combination of words, don’t up, many operation modes are the traditional mode or line. For grassroots webmaster, 80% understand technology, simply do not know how the market, as well as traditional industries, natural probability of failure.

analysis of the nature of SNS, we can find that the essence of SNS is a forum or online dating. For 80% of the grassroots webmaster, the operation of the forum’s experience and technology, are very. So don’t worry about experience and technical problems. At the same time, SNS does not involve the traditional industry, there will not be too much offline or traditional mode to do, greatly reducing the threshold and cost.

from the market perspective, SNS is a new network mode, just started at home and abroad, SNS has a very successful case, from past experience, as long as a network model of the success of the United States, Chinese moved to come, can success, such as Baidu GOOGLE imitation. SNS success in China, the key is to see how to do it, after all, the Chinese market is not the same as the United states. While the domestic SNS is just in the stage of development, the era of warlords dispute. SNS is not like video sites, investment is huge, there is no policy risk factors.

so how grassroots webmaster with SNS mining to gold?

from the current development of China’s SNS, SNS is broadly divided into 2 categories, one is the portal class SNS, and the other is the vertical class SNS. Portal SNS China has a lot of, for example, the school at home, happy net, together with the network, 5GSNS etc.. In addition to the SNS of the portal class, there is a large number of SNS in the vertical class, and this is a macro

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