‘m ready to be a webmaster

webmaster, how sacred the name, the site let us happy let me worry. But are you ready,


webmaster is not what people can do, at least some people starting point is wrong. Some people think that he is a "master" is a cut above others

so I hit you once, in fact, the webmaster is the hardest and most tired thing. You think a few examples after a cut above others?

1 a day sitting in front of the computer for more than 16 hours of stationmaster are everywhere, from the health, this is a serious overdraft youth, why often hear stationmaster sickly.

stayed up late into the morning, I thought it was better than eating. Can not reach this point, then you are not the webmaster

2 pay attention to their own clean? Not afraid of jokes. I have no face for half a month. Because there is no energy, often up in the morning site or look at the statistics or income. Then eat…

look at the lives of the owners, like African refugees. (*^__^*) hee hee……

3 webmaster have external communication? Exaggerated point, in a few years, the language ability or degenerate No. A station is also everywhere, do not want to find, is not the time to find. Even if there is a wife, but also often because she left her in a row, I deeply understand…

4 since they have a station, is not a little spirit is not good. Think of the web site all the time. Said two of my own real things, a girlfriend to play, see the 404 bus, I said that this is not the wrong page?. There is time to apply for a bank card, I did not want to think of it the address bar to write their own QQ, the bank clerk asked me what this Tim, I almost died happy in the bank.

5 learning to learn, contact the network to know their knowledge so slim, regret to go to school when they do not study hard, but fortunately, there are Baidu and GG master, do not understand the search.

6 every day to eat on the meal I know I can not eat, not not, is no time to cook, think about the next meal to eat together,,.

7 do you have perseverance? Myth of network achievement is common, but each myth is how hard behind, a website updated every day. Collected by K, human flesh requires a lot of energy and time. Do not update the ranking will fall. Compete well.

8 owners have a super power, not an idea today, tomorrow a thought. With the trend of the 80 people are often a word. But the site does not work, only one way to go black or Ming.

9 do not "face", they really solve the problem, the humble ask Master, no way, the human brain is limited, even the boss of Baidu will not check out, can only ask the master. I don’t believe you ask ace

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