The first folk angel investment red Ding venture Liu Xiaoren suspected of illegal fund raising 215 m

January, Liu Xiaoren, de thick red Ding venture capital managing partner of Huang Hao, after the incident in the illegal deposits from the public, grassroots PE boundaries of crime and non crime in


"I was stupid, and I thought that by the name of Liu Xiaoren, it was well over 7 million, so we lent him the money." In June 11th, Zhejiang Province, Ma Weihong (a pseudonym) still own borrowing headache.

from May 4th to June 10th Liu Xiaoren surrendered, was formally arrested, Hongding venture suspected case of illegal deposits from the public in Deqing much raise a Babel of criticism of the local. In June 12, 2009, the Deqing County detention center Deqing Wukang Road, csc. Liu Xiaoren, chairman of the red tripod venture held here. Known as the first person to invest in civil angel, Liu Xiaoren, almost overnight by the angel turned into a devil.

after more than a month of investigation, the local government statistics is a data, Liu in the community to raise funds amounted to 215 million yuan, of which there is no time to repay the 197 million.

carefully designed trap

May 14th, Ma Weihong, Wang Xiaoxia, and so on (both a pseudonym) and other three people to the local government to reflect the office of the letter to be cheated on the issue of the.

"he’s kind and honest, we’re here for dinner, and we’re asking him to eat." Speaking of borrowing at that time, some of the tears to cry.

according to its expression, in April of this year, Ma Weihong and other intermediaries through the 7 million will be loaned to the capital of Liu Xiaoren, the money is personal money, have their own family, but also relatives and friends of the."

A promissory note

reporter saw that in March 30, 2009, borrowing 7 million yuan. The return date is 35 days, the borrower is Liu Xiaoren.

at that time, Ma Weihong made no guarantee some worry, then Liu said, to do this guarantee red Ding venture, then he knocked a seal."

is the red tripod venture capital of a seal, so that the horse to lay down their hearts. "I think that by the name of Liu Xiaoren, it is far more than 7 million."

"about 20 million of the funds invested in the market, there is no advertised so much (voted in 3 years)." A person familiar with the local red Ding venture said.

because of Hongding venture capital investment in early projects, and in the form of partnership formation of the fund, the venture capital industry in Zhejiang, Liu Xiaoren was dubbed "the first private venture capital" and "folk angel".

is Liu Xiaoren in the venture capital industry reputation outside, so that Ma Weihong and others believe that the president of the United States, the United States and other countries.

in fact, in order to obtain the trust of Liu Xiaoren Ma Weihong, a move some brains. After the incident, Ma Weihong think he is a step by step into the trap.

first in April, Wang Wenying and Liu Zhong

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