The Federation to the webmaster webmaster mail list pay New Year’s call hot line

co sponsored by several well-known media and local party organizer webmaster webmaster webmaster Association ( since its launch in January 1, 2010 has received thousands of webmaster partners for their support, the promotion website show column booming currently has thousands of sites involved in the promotion, have been at the bottom of your site with the webmaster the Federation support station of the LOGO link, Federation website homepage also randomly according to the classification of display support site, better display in site. Over the same period also launched the webmaster address column, the owners can submit their contact information, in accordance with the classification of better online and offline communication. At the same time the webmaster association each station also continue to review, there will be more webmaster union station to join, the local party organization webmaster better, the owners of the power to grow polymerization.

on the occasion of the Spring Festival is approaching, members and partners of the Federation to the webmaster webmaster sent his congratulations on the new year, with the arrival of the new year, the following are some excerpts.


message is as follows:

technology Tencent blessing webmaster new year rally back mining, more innovation, continue to promote the development of the internet. Pingyuan Gu began in the world is difficult, world affairs began in the ancient and modern fine Xing based on real things. As unrest in 2009, ushered in a new year full of unknown and hope, let us down-to-earth, competition ahead! Let the webmaster friends happy work, happy life in the new year, Xinxiangshicheng, tiger Wei


Yanhuang network Manor on behalf of all my colleagues to congratulate the webmaster 2010 happy new year, great luck in making money.

China Webmaster Station Qiu all the dream of the webmaster, in the new year, to chase what they want. Admin5 webmaster webmaster friends Keung, I wish the happy new year, good health, success in work, a happy life, a new year in this


China station fan Qingzhu Tongren all happy New Year! Tiger year!

the laggards refused to fish to swim the fish is approaching, on behalf of all the laggards to all owners to pay New Year’s call.

go9go link platform Mou Changqing: I wish the national webmaster friends have a happy Spring Festival, the new year, site traffic soared straight.

Chinese online Peng wish the webmaster happy New Year! Tiger year, a new.

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