Compliance with user tastes is the only valid rule

      in the station to see some of the more incisive point of view, the collection of the next, in order to share with you, welcome everyone to share their experience with a comment.

      1, clear positioning: positioning of the website is very important to consider the development of website customer group is rich, the network application is prevalent, whether the fierce competition environment, and to meet the reality of its own resources.

      2, do special do thoroughly:

      professional website not too widely, especially in the initial stage, web services and content should focus on site positioning, team members must always understand what is the biggest selling point features or website, website name and website content is simple, to complement each other, do not cry up wine and sell vinegar;

      do: website content should focus on positioning the surrounding services, and auxiliary status, in deep mining sites, rich web content, and make the website "value-added services" will be conducive to the development of the site and further development, but must be associated with the site location.

      3, rich in content: a web site is the most important source of popularity, popularity from web services and content, the content is more important than the website, a good website should have a good network, timely enrich website content optimization.

      4, after the completion of the website: steady to take care of, and timely attention to site visit, and visit to do the full analysis, optimization of popular content, strengthen weak links, eliminate popular channels, enhance the competitive force of steady, website.

      5, to enrich themselves: network environment change rapidly, new ideas and new things are emerging, only Study hard continuously, listen more to think about, to enrich themselves, will have new ideas, new experience, allow yourself to adapt to the needs of the development of network.

      6, persevere: do a website is not a short duration of time things, whether it is from the rise in popularity, ranking and profit, all may require a relatively long time.

      7, there must be loyal users, first of all, to stationmaster on their own platform for their faithful, loyal users, to provide professional, meaningful, can get quite faithful information to everyone, in the course of time, had a loyal!

      8, do not need too much of the law to regulate their own, it will be very tired, maybe it will go wrong, the only one

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