Network copyright infringement shooter subtitle was fined 100 thousand the MPAA complaints

[Abstract] shooter for profit, sales of its copy of the hard disk storage device 2TB HD video collection resources.

September 2014, according to the Motion Picture Association of America, the Shanghai cultural market administrative law enforcement corps on the shooter network ( alleged copyright infringement case investigation.

investigation, "Archer net" operated by the Shanghai striker Mdt InfoTech Ltd, the company opened a store in "Archer net", for the purpose of profit, the sales copy in the hard disk storage device "2TB HD video resources comprehensive collection" "3TB super HD video collection" and other products, since May 2013 total sales of about 100 taiwan.

October 20, 2014, the company took the initiative to the law enforcement departments to "2TB HD video resources comprehensive collection of" 1 Taiwan products, with its self replication and can play the 200 movies, the company can not provide the relevant works of film license certification materials.

another investigation, the company did not permit the rights, since the beginning of 2013 in the "Archer net" published "Dragon Master" and other films and TV subtitles, users do not need to register to browse, download and use, daily IP visits about 200 thousand daily visits to PV 400 thousand, the company was unable to provide relevant works the subtitle file license documents.

by the United States Film Association, Beijing representative office, 79 of the above film works, film and television works in the subtitle of the document without the copyright owner authorized 4.

Shanghai striker Mdt InfoTech Ltd in Shanghai city cultural market administrative law enforcement corps to conduct an investigation after the cessation of infringement, and in November 23, 2014 closed the site.

recently, the Shanghai municipal cultural market administrative law enforcement corps in accordance with the law to impose a fine of 100 thousand yuan administrative penalties.

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