Hubei 315 web site said the Commission informed the website of the consumer behavior

  March 26th, morning news published the "Hubei Consumer Council accused by screening complaints" money of a text, reflecting the Hubei province disappear to help enterprises entrusted with the shield consumers in the "3· 15" complaints website grounds, require enterprises to become a member of money. The manuscript then sparked heated debate, CCTV news 1+1, people’s daily, China Youth Daily and other media have followed up reports.

faces the question and ask reporters from around the country, Hubei Province, the Consumer Council Secretary General Gu min countryside repeatedly said the site in money, not money disappear appoint. In April 1st, the Hubei Consumer Council held a briefing to announce the results of Gu min countryside, temporarily closed Hubei disappear appoint "3· 15" website, by the consumer committee deputy secretary general led investigation. The results of this treatment, Peng Weihong, director of the Propaganda Department of the Hubei Provincial Bureau of industry and commerce, explained."

however, yesterday, "3·, 15" site webmaster Yu Wenbin stood out, said resolutely can not accept the Commission’s accusations, he has a large number of materials to prove that the website of the consumer management behavior.

– Hubei Morning Post correspondent Jiang Peng Wuhan reported

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site can not accept the Commission to shirk responsibility

questioned, Hubei disappear appoint the Secretary General Gu min countryside repeatedly tried to distance themselves from consumer and web site, that site in money, but money is not the consumer council. In April 1st, Hubei Province, Xiao Industrial and Commercial Bureau Committee held a briefing, Gu min countryside again stressed this point, called invite enterprises to join the membership, the site is being kidnapped as it cannot be helped". Hubei consumer committee to make a decision, 3· (15) site temporarily closed, depending on the results of the investigation decided to withdraw.

yesterday morning, reporters rushed to the Hubei province Consumer Council "3· 15" site office, this is a house of a residential district of Wuchang, is now the gates closed, empty. Yu Wenbin, the original site owners do not want to face to face with reporters, he told reporters on the phone, the site has indeed been temporarily closed, regardless of how the findings of the Commission, he will not continue to run the site. For the Commission will be related to shirk responsibility to the site, Yu Wenbin tone became very angry: This is what I can not accept."

Yu Wenbin said he had a lot of evidence and materials, has formed a reporting material to the Hubei Consumer Protection Committee investigation team. As for the content of the report material, Yu Wenbin said he inconvenience to the media, the results will be released by the Hubei consumer protection committee. However, yesterday afternoon, including this newspaper, the people’s daily, China Youth Daily, CCTV and other media reporters in Hubei, such as the Commission for more than 2 hours, still failed to see the report material.

Yu Wenbin said his business behavior is innocent. Since 2008, the site currently has more than and 100 >

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