9158 explore O2O line business push KTV chain store


technology news September 25th morning news, the 9158 video community from the show "mode of the overall transformation of K song platform, extend the scope of business to the next line, the plan with the launch of KTV online store, the transformation of KTV industry by way of internet.

9158 after the show mode wide attention, but in recent years, the 9158 has quietly closed the business, and stressed that "k song platform" as a community property. 9158 according to the relevant responsible person said, stop the show business because on the one hand is too intense, on the other hand, because the regulatory costs are too high.

In fact

video community in recent years is very hot, and considered "muffled money", 9158 belong to the first group of Anchor Based "show" mode of the main positions, currently 6 rooms are the transformation of this field, and even rumors that Iqiyi is planning to launch the show youku.

9158 responsible person, show this pattern to anchor as the core, but the anchor of the limited resources, the fierce competition will lead to profit and development of smaller space.

also due to show this model is easy to play ball, need strong supervision in 9158, for example, almost every show needs to set an administrator, who still above area administrators, district administrator, the more than 20 thousand room 9158, is a very large cost.

based on the above reasons, this 9158 years began to transition, and gradually ceased to anchor as the core of the show business, it is understood that the business had cut 9158 of the income decreased by 40%.

is currently 9158 main push the three part of the business, in addition to the main push of the K platform, and education and game business, while in the K platform, it will also expand the scope of business to the next line, plans to launch the KTV store.

The core of KTV

is under the 9158 line, the online and offline resources, open up the crowd. According to 9158 statistics, in the online KTV platform, there are many online users will also organize the party at the same time, KTV, 9158 of users in the three or four line of the city, K demand is very strong.

is now thinking of using the Internet to transform traditional industries has become a trend, 9158 believe that the current line of KTV shop is still very aging, especially the system only a one-way function and no singing, interactive features, 9158 in the hope that a breakthrough in this regard.

For example,

users can online booking line shop online at the same time, singing, scores online at the same time, users can also choose to sing the next line of video sharing with other users, and even online through the online site PK scores." 9158 relevant responsible person said.

it is understood that the first experimental KTV store will soon be launched in Hangzhou, open up the key technology system online and offline, is currently in the system debugging stage, which will be 9158 own brand >

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