P2P and another one Wuhan fortune wealth involving nearly 2 billion

over there, e rental treasure incident is just hearing, just new progress. Here, another P2P company – Wuhan fortune was investigated, the media said there are more than 1 billion 900 million of the funds involved.

fortune is a P2P company in Wuhan, founded in 2011. P2P’s website on August 2014 formally launched operations, but also in Wuhan opened 13 stores under the line, and a number of branches. At present, the wealth of the chairman Zhu Jianing has surrendered, the police have filed.


in fact, as early as four days ago, prosperous wealth issued the "emergency circular" said, due to the current situation of P2P industry market and the deterioration of the negative impact caused by malignant companies, investors focused on the platform runs, the withdrawal difficult, not timely payment of principal and interest.

prosperity wealth after the accident, investors reflect strong. Before micro-blog broke the news that Zhongshan Avenue near Wuhan Qiaokou Cade square road, allegedly because located in the vicinity of a finance company funding problems, resulting in a large number of people gathered dulu.


13, there are a number of friends broke the news on micro-blog, said the Wuhan bridge gathered a bunch of suspected bankruptcy due to prosperity of wealth depositors, ready to jump the bridge. But the news has not been confirmed.

spirit wealth supremacy: the highest rate of return of 21.8%, but also engage in self financing

now, prosperous wealth events there are still a lot of suspicions, we look at.

1, investment income of up to 14.8%

, the P2P company, has a high yield. First look at a wealth of prosperity posters.


images from the network

figure shows that fortune fortune claimed that the expected annual yield of 14.8%, and some even up to more than 20%. Checked the e rent treasure is people talk about the most is the high rate of return, but the rent e average yield treasure is around 14%. So, think for yourself.

2, the use of CCTV and other media endorsement

parent company is flourishing flourishing wealth Wanan group, group chairman Zhu Jianing, chairman of wealth is flourishing. In recent years Zhu Jianing has been very bright, has been named the "2014 China Internet financial leader, by the end of 2014 also accepted an exclusive interview with cctv. Fortune will also interview video hanging on the official website.


Baidu snapshot screenshot.

E may rent treasure event so that people have a stereotype. Some netizens said that this is the CCTV endorsement. In fact, this is just an interview, not advertising, but not the so-called endorsement. Just expand publicity > leveraging flourishing wealth

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