What is the purpose of the site for the user relationship or content

      focus on the operation of a site, or that the user stands on purpose: relationship, or content?

      there are only two things on the Internet: content, and people. 99% of the sites with content as the core. Therefore, in the study of the site of this new media, communication, especially mass communication theory is useful. The so-called new economy, in my eyes, but the expansion of the media economy.

      research on the Internet, content is a good entry. But what has always been overlooked is the study of people on the internet. In fact, the relationship between people on the network, more is not reflected in the site, but in the network tools. For example, QQ as the representative of the IM software, in fact, is a typical SNS tools.

      we can now objectively look at two sites with SNS flavor. The first one is Wealink (including the so called SNS website).

      Wealink almost did the real name system, which is one of the necessary conditions for the establishment of SNS. But the Wealink transmission relationship is actually based on the "announcement forwarding". The thing that seeks connection is nothing but form. There are less than 300 links on my Wealink, but unfortunately, I have never been able to establish a new relationship in fact because of wealink. I’ve contacted more on Wealink, but the "friends" who have already had a relationship.

      but Wealink’s announcement of the "context" makes it necessary to write a notice to move some brains. The input box is great, forcing publishers feel shy jjww gossip. Wealink itself in order to establish a serious atmosphere, do not welcome the announcement of gossip. I write this log in write now, I almost want to Wealink out of sns. For Wealink, as far as I am concerned, is not a place to build relationships, more, but to make some announcements more distant and more – or content based.

      now for second sites: twitter (including mini blog called the class website).

      I noticed a phenomenon that many active Wealink users are now running on the meal as active users. Of course, some people are still active on both sides, but is more, users eat not to replace the wealink. Very interesting, mini blog replaces sns. "Content" instead of "relationship"? Either the former is a pseudo content, or the latter is >

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