Local talent network promotion must be in place to carry out the work

an article we talked about "talent through the network construction experience perspective to analyze the competitive environment", a local talent net, promotion is essential, this paper compared with the pure station, portal station, game station and other non local sites, local talent nets promotion should be said to be diverse and rich and colorful. Because in addition to the pure SEO, more focus on promotion is online site promotion, how to let users search to find you, how to let the local user remember you, this has become a priority among priorities of our work, so to the webmaster either from the search engine optimization ability and practical ability of planning, have a high unprecedented requirements, of course the workload increased substantially is obviously. But, how can we use the point that ability, to get results, we finally realize the profit target, this is absolutely to consider, through the example of Changde talent network, we analyze the local talent website must be implemented in some industry promotion, also expanded the local community and local information the classification, property and so on site is worth learning.

1: local talent website concept

local talent network as the name suggests, is for local users, realize the personnel employment and enterprise recruitment function website, this is a general statement, of course, subdivision and part-time recruitment, education and training, senior management and other functions, analysis of each function is an important profit point, the next article we will focus on how to segment talent network recruitment network segment profit point.

two: talent network user source

1: there is no doubt that job seekers in today’s circumstances, what most people? Of course is "unemployed" most, if the talent network is a framework or tool, so job seekers is absolutely talent net the blood, just think, if a website is a digital job seekers, which companies will come to recruitment


2: enterprise or HR, they are bringing benefits to the website, a source of profit webmaster and job seekers to achieve the goal, is the God of wealth when what time can we let them frequently to publish job information, that day will to

three: the promotion of the work must be done

1:SEO, I believe that the search engine optimization in A5 master master let me meet the eye everywhere, numerous at present this article extend great admiration, I write is also carried out in this work, the specific I don’t think I have any say in this regard, A5 is a learning process, for the time being spared, but SEO think is the priority among priorities, I analyzed the habits of users, more than 95% of customers are from search engines, of which more than 90% are from Baidu (not a web site, foreign language talents of foreign trade talent network estimates they may pass GG to some more, because they are accustomed to the use of is GG), so Baidu ranking is basically decided whether the website can find you in the customer first time.


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