have been working as a product manager for two years at Vine

I have worked for Vine in the past two years, I have been in charge of the product, and then I have become a general manager to be responsible for about 50 employees. And the whole company is above Twitter. During this time, I learned a lot from my colleagues, from Adam Feldman, and many others. And I want to share this with you.


team leader

your main duty is to instill faith. Yes, pass on the most important beliefs, goals and passions of your team to your subordinates and encourage them and yourself to find more resources. That’s all you do as a team leader. Of course, you don’t just need to pass on your own ideas to others. And make sure they understand exactly what you mean.

always repeat your beliefs over and over again, because it’s really important. Maybe you are tired, but not enough, not enough, always to yourself and your team to repeat your beliefs.

it’s hard to focus on it. When I was working at Vine, I used two things to stay focused on

1) write down three things that I care about most recently on a wall

2) let everyone else in the team write three things that they think are most important in a Excel and share the form with

weekly meetings are also a good opportunity to ensure that your team is focused on work, but to ensure that everyone is willing to come to a meeting, at least the meeting will not be a burden. At Vine, we have snacks every time we meet.

It is also a good way for

to communicate with each other on a weekly basis. At Vine, I send emails to my team every Monday, and write three things that I pay attention to every week,

"make sure you do things in a limited amount of time. "

that’s what Dick Costolo told me. This is obvious, but be careful that you waste your time on someone else’s needs, or waste your time with your bad habits. If you really decide to do something, set aside some time. Otherwise it is better not to do.

team building is also a very important part. Today, programmers seem to be getting less and less, but more and more programmers are needed. When I was in Vine, I was trying to make the company more of a home than a company. We are committed to putting things in place (such as recruiting the best programmers and trying to keep them). But we also did a lot of 00 pieces of things, the Vine and other companies (for example, to send a large number of gifts, and outdoor experience unforgettable)

The development of


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