As the music as the 15 billion financial landing is helping hand Shanxi fellow Sun Hongbin

the 15 billion financing can play a big role in fighting



after several months of waiting period, the music as the plight of the funds finally ushered in the first turning point.

according to the new financial reporter reports, financial record through its acquisition of 8.61% stake LETV, the price is 6 billion 40 million yuan; the acquisition of film music as 15% shares, the price for 1 billion 50 million yuan; and the acquisition of capital as the new 33.5% stake, the price is 7 billion 950 million yuan, the total price of 15 billion yuan. LETV music as pictures, and as the new financial record will become Chinese associates.

36 krypton reporter to music as the official confirmation, the reply said the announcement, at the same time pictures said January 15th will hold a press conference to explain the matter.

and Jia Yueting, SUNAC China helm Sun Hongbin Shanxi as background, the same thing is Chinese radical, SUNAC real estate circles "M & a king", its business scope from 5 to 8 over the city area now, SUNAC expansion of the most important way is to purchase and. Sun Hongbin has been actively looking for investment opportunities for many years, as the music, for its part, is an imaginative business empire".

according to the media, real estate people who reported that a person familiar with the financial creation also said, when the stock price is low, more cost-effective, in line with Sun Hongbin’s character and vision. Long term LETV shares will be added value, and then the content of the investment is also making money. The cast is the hematopoietic plate."

Jia Yueting, the choice of capital intensive real estate industry, equity exchange funds, the best way is also the solution as pressing danger.

at the beginning of November 2016, LETV exposed serious financial problems. November 6th, Jia Yueting issued an internal letter to recognize funding problems. For the most expensive car business for them, Jia Yueting also bluntly, "on the one hand, the car as a huge upfront investment, have spent about 10000000000 of its own funds; on the other hand is the company’s financing capacity is not strong, single, unreasonable capital structure, the size of external financing is difficult to meet the funding needs of rapid amplification."

November 9, 2016 investor conference, Jia Yueting said that in 2017 the listed company to achieve overall profitability; non-listed company sector to strengthen the capital acquisition ability of burn.

November 15th, as the music finally got the first financing, from the Yangtze River Business School, good students $600 million. December 6th, LETV close to the explosion line, the price of diving, plunged 7.85%, closing at $35.80 / share. December 7th morning, LETV temporary suspension, market speculation LETV stock has hit and LETV Jia Yueting may accept the red line.

December 28th, the music as a good news release, LETV introduction of strategic investment, and is expected to exceed the amount of ten

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