How to find it from others in advertising value

most people do not like to see ads. Most people don’t like to see ads, whether it is television, newspapers or the internet. Not specifically to point to open to see.

, however, as engaged in network marketing, marketing planning and other industries, there is nothing to look at other people’s advertising, in fact, is a very good opportunity to learn something.

before I see advertising in general is to look at his copy, see his creativity, look at the picture composition, pondering the ad itself, see more than some big brands, because I was doing the advertising industry, the big brand advertising, planning and creative level is generally higher.

I also like to see the ads for nearly one or two years, but more is to look at some of the small advertising, pondering the advertising behind the marketing chain. Those "small" advertising, are not famous brand, not what big business. But these may be the nearest to us. It is possible that we have a reference value, and even some can copy operation. Although the big brand for all people talk about, but those are too far away from us. Just as there are some marketing training, if it is not professional training experience, then you go to his class, he could not stop talking about how successful Ma, how the success of Tencent, Li Jiacheng how successful, which brand is how successful…

listen to everybody excited. Then, what should you do after class?.

why is that so


because these look beautiful, sounds hilarious, but can’t copy. As for the general small team, even personally, on tiptoe, to stretch out his hand, we will be able to get the thing is, can we go to the current direction.

similar truth, if we want to find some of the value of marketing from other people’s advertising, it is possible that those small businesses, small teams do small ads, perhaps more in line with our. We see ads where? Almost everywhere can, not only is the eight children on the website of the big picture advertising. Some forums inside, circle of friends, and even others sent to your QQ ad. Can take the initiative to look at the passive acceptance of advertising can also pay attention to. As long as we pay close attention to the ads around us, we will find a lot of interesting things. We may be able to find that such projects have been done, then I can do? We may also be able to think, he is how to make money in this project?

if an ad for a long time to use a method to advertise with a channel, most of the cases that the platform can also be put into, suitable for this type of project. It also shows that the project is profitable enough to support his investment in this way. So it’s going to be a space flight,


let me give you an example.


I will receive it for years

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