Network marketing three realm you made it

do people know all network traffic is king, everyone in order to flow, rack their brains, try, because in the network, traffic equals wealth! In my opinion to do network marketing has the following three realms:

first heavy state: flow.

second realm: process.

third realms: genre.

a, the first heavy state: flow

traffic is the first step in the network. No flow, the back of the marketing process design is perfect, useless.

as a TV series, beginning the protagonist died, the story behind the wonderful play on Nature:


with the flow, there will be a story behind. Therefore, the first problem to be solved is: traffic. So, how to let others "active" add you WeChat and QQ?

the problem is of interest to all marketers. Everyone’s consensus is: an initiative to add your friends, more than ten of your active friends. Because the initiative to add you is "accurate", and you take the initiative to add, but do not know what type of.

often heard that if there are 1000 precise fans, you can solve their own food and clothing problem. This is the famous "1000 fan theory".

if you zoom in to ten thousand fans, what about the one hundred thousand fans,


fans are the ones who care about you. Concerned about Taobao, Tencent, how many people believe that we are concerned about?. Just because they are concerned about the crowd enough, only to create the wealth and status of Ma and Ma Huateng.

we certainly not "two". But if there are enough people to pay attention to you, you only need to design the marketing process, you can easily create wealth! This is now popular "fans economy".

two, the second realm: process

has a fan, with the flow, how to achieve the flow of it? Here comes to me to do the second stages of the network: process.

with the flow, you are more concerned about, if you let the value of the flow maximization.

, for example, to sell the same product, others have 1000 traffic, can generate 50 thousand yuan in sales, and you have the same flow, but only produce sales of $10 thousand.

this one, the same flow, different is the process.

customers, how to say hello? How to answer customer questions,? How to guide customers to buy the product to the customer? How to communicate with the customer? How to feedback to customer after receipt of the goods? How to first purchase customers next follow


different design of these processes, leading to different results.


process also includes quella teacher said catch potential, >

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