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recently read a lot about WeChat marketing articles, see the great spirit, is indeed very powerful. Taobao C shop increasingly difficult to survive, micro-blog marketing is very complex, we have moved to the top of WeChat. WeChat has been the great spirit of a new generation of mobile mall, everyone inside the circle of friends, is estimated to have more and more advertising.

I see selling Chinese wolfberry in WeChat above, Manicure selling, selling clothes, but these are not your store. Number of articles, are introduced by WeChat to direct sellers, the WeChat as another Taobao, not too many stores according to WeChat O2O. So I would like to share with you today, I was how to use WeChat to arm my store, the road to achieve O2O.

first, a brief introduction, my store is operating personalized comic custom gifts for the 80, 90, college students, white-collar and other young people. My store opened in a university area, the location is more biased, not many people. So, I have to use WeChat and other tools to drain the guests to my shop.

My WeChat

to serve my store, operating method to store according to their own situation to develop, can not copy the people to share the tips. At the beginning of the shop, there were no guests, and there were no fans on WeChat. So the first thing is to accumulate the initial fans, I use the method is to use the WeChat people around this function.

because in the store with the nearby people search out basically are college students, but also our target customers. Then we will send some drinks, or pens to attract people to add us as friends, so that we have accumulated in the early WeChat fans (strictly speaking only friends). However, the drawbacks of this approach is the high cost of labor, and the success rate is not high, after all, we are still relatively inconsistent with the stranger, I personally think it is suitable for the early accumulation of fans. Later you can attract new fans through the initial circle of fans.

in addition, because our store is a personalized custom gifts, customers choose the product, we need some time to process delivery. So we will call our customer with WeChat, and then to the nearby shopping, and other products after completion of production, with WeChat to notify customers back to pick up. This is the way we accumulate fans. At the same time, it also increases the customer’s impression of us.

As for the

share point of praise, to encourage customers to share pictures, these techniques estimate everyone from Huang Taiji and other gods who have learned, I will not say more.

any of the physical store, WeChat alone certainly not, but also need their own products and services. However, our services also make full use of WeChat. We currently offer an umbrella service, only open to WeChat friends. Before you borrow an umbrella, you need to show your student card. And through WeChat, also sent an umbrella date, if not, we will also use WeChat reminder. >

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