Decrypt the same marketing tools as crooks

also said they boast a certain company financing several billion, a certain company please media reports, said their market value is how much money, so again in QQ, WeChat cheat you acting in his mask, Moumou also boasted that listening to his training course diploma above 10K package to find wages etc.. These are not able to use two words to describe, has entered the situation of deception.


training institutions say so


training institutions training a number of industry elite, they are online to listen to the public class there are hundreds of thousands of people, they do the training institutions have many years of experience, they how niubable man how many people do, executive director positions outside in the teaching, a monthly salary of more than 10K, the accuracy of data prediction less than 30%, the specific data no one to statistics, including their own may have no statistics.

I used to try to listen to a lot of training courses on the SEO day, online number less than 100, except they hang up, hang in the removal of people who do not listen, listen carefully to the estimated number of 50, according to his standard, hundreds of thousands of people to listen to their open class, 100 people a day. Not every day is new to listen to this, 3 years.

also, my relationship is not very wide, but the circle is only so big, a lot of training company blowing cattle, said a certain website manager is out of their training, cropped up in my circle, casually ask know, people in charge of site and not and they never had training institutions any relationship, which is specifically in charge of and training institutions which, there is not much to say.

not to mention what the so-called third party certificate, once the boss wants me to apply for a SEO apprentice, he took a third party certificate, I ask, what is this certificate? What unit number? He returned to say XXX company issued and I said, they are not our company’s fame, spend 10 dollars to give you a certificate, you used to do.

network marketing mask so say

My WeChat

more than 50% people are to me all day long advertising, so the spatial dynamics and the circle of friends I generally don’t see, the 50%, 30% is to do mask, and 20% other marketing agents, specifically how they do marketing I could not understand a word. The main method is to use them to recruit agents, daily sun orders, Hyun RMB, also is not to give you a bulk SMS harassment.

two questions, first we need to consider whether they really do daily sales of tens of thousands? Certainly not, if on the efficiency of tens of thousands, certainly not recruit agents, direct selling themselves, why also recruit a group of agents and their price war, they also settled agents really make money. Money can certainly earn, also do have to sell the mask to earn money, but not to make money selling mask, but the.

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