Wang Tong how to use big data positioning

positioning theory is one of the most important marketing theories in the past decades.

, however, many marketing experts do positioning, is to shoot the head to get inspiration.

this is a very serious unscientific means

because, any one person’s cognition is limited

and everyone is used to amplifying the effects of the things they know.

1, the real data is not the same as you think

2, determine the core principles of positioning

3, how to use big data tools

, the real world of real data, and often you think different.

to give an example:

what do you think foreigners are most concerned about in China?

whenever asked this question:

many people will respond to the political, human rights, economic and so on,

in fact, this is not true, most of the foreigners even their country’s political and human rights are not concerned about how they will pay attention to these issues in China

remember 8 years ago, when I was using the Google keyword query, when I searched the "Chinese" this keyword.


tool immediately lists the top 30 searches with the word "Chinese".

to see the data, I was surprised to find that the largest amount of search, "China’s XXX" such words, the first 30 searches in the largest number of words.

The "

Chinese food" and "Chinese girl" are ranked in more than 20, the remaining 28 words in a topic, that is "metaphysics".

in front of the largest search keywords, China divination, astrology, divination, marriage China China Chinese calendar, Chinese fortune and so on related keywords.

originally, foreigners are most concerned about the China metaphysics, this is the real


give an example

Two years ago,

was invited to lecture in Shanghai, when a traditional field of marketing expert friend is also a lecturer, dinner that night, he was very excited to tell us about a business plan.

he plans to invest millions of their own, and then all the chips Liangqianwanlai do a notebook computer personally, he has very carefully planning for half a year, have found good cooperation with companies.

I asked him what he had to do with his laptop?

he said: 17 inch Laptop

he said that Apple has stopped selling 17 inch notebook, because he has been using a 17 inch notebook, I learned under this ruler

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