n the case of successful marketing the nature of reciprocity helps others to gain profits while at

Ma Yun said, want to make money for the poor, you need to let them have money. This is a gangster dare to say "big", but we have these little guys can get a business purpose in allowing users to achieve favorable profit from. The same rules apply to human relationships, to marketing, to all people.

we live in a mutual aid society, or rather a win-win world, you respect a man, unless a saint, always expect others to return you one, and in calculating the data of commercial road, this relationship is particularly prominent.

two of the following are examples of successful marketing cases in which the mutual benefit spirit.

are learning millet hunger marketing Lei has repeatedly stressed that did not play hunger

in just four years, millet mobile phone coverage, from penniless to known to every family in domestic low-end mobile phone market, Lei Jun millet "display" marketing model once been myth, like all successful people have experienced the same journey, millet marketing is entering million people imitate, and in the case of imitation often there will be a poor imitation like a dog case, really rely on Millet marketing "fortune again" is scanty.

business was shrinking we launched two high-quality shirt rash and too much in haste, that is to follow a hunger marketing millet, but we do not see where the customer after the two hunger have much improvement, a once brilliant and sharp on the reputation of enterprises are often not as a new enterprise for what are zero perhaps, this shirt two times of hunger marketing battle where the customer is ushered in the "word of mouth" to alleviate hope, but remove the "hunger", activities more important elements should be of high quality and high cost products, this time the hunger marketing can only be a decoration.

between hunger marketing and cost-effective, people seem to be more concerned about not looking for the same common hunger tactics, forget the product foundation.

if we take away from the high cost of hunger marketing, millet mobile phone positioning, millet mobile phone will really become climate? We will in turn, if the "high price" from millet mobile phone must be removed? You also play hunger marketing words to starve to death.

so, the high cost is the key to the success of millet, and the high cost is to allow users to get a better product in the market in a relatively profitable way.

jiaduobao on the sound power strategy: for you thousands on thousands of times


led to good sound JDB popularity? In all businesses have a feeling that a successful betting jiaduobao advertising, jiaduobao has started to sound promotion to develop a variety of marketing promotion plan.

in April this year, a good voice in the third quarter has yet to debut, JDB good voice starts around launched a series of marketing programs: good voice on behalf of Italy.

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