Years Baidu Q & A experience sharing

in July 29th in an exchange group, there is a friend asked Baidu to do the problem of promotion experience. I couldn’t help talking to him. 00 pieces about doing some Baidu answers promotion experience. Summary today, it can be regarded as a review of their previous work.

is the first application account

according to their own situation to apply for a number of accounts, account registration can also use Sina mailbox QQ. After the account application according to their own business situation, divided into questions and answers account number. Answer the account can be changed to the name of your company name or business name. Plastic surgery as an example: XXXX plastic surgery hospital, XXXX beauty dentistry, Professor XXXX, etc..

to change the name of the benefits of two points:

1 can be a good way to circumvent Baidu review, Baidu for the new account to answer the contents of the review seems to be more stringent, once the contents of some of the contents of the sensitivity or promotion of the suspect will be deleted. After changing the name, do not have to add their own promotional words in the answer.

2 name change is actually a good promotion, when your answer is not adopted, your information will be displayed below the answer. You can even set a picture of your company.

second is a question note

1 pay attention to the number of questions, Baidu account number is the default number of 5, Baidu think a normal person can not always be a day in the Baidu question. So we ask within a short time can not exceed 3 problems. (this is a personal experience, you have different experiences welcome to communicate)

2 pay attention to the way of asking questions, we do not have to play the best correlation. For example: braces that place better? The streets near the mouth of the hospital where do orthodontics is better? The most easy to mention it closely related. Once Baidu delete your problem many times, then it will determine that you are to promote the account, and then seal your number.

3 pay attention to the content of the question, as far as possible when asked not to add the name of the city. About this do not know how other industries, the medical profession is not done for the most recent period, do a delete one. Such as Wuhan braces where better? Wuhan XXXX? Medical industry and a place of trouble is once your problem with disease type words such as teeth, tooth root and so on, Baidu will automatically jump to the Baidu thumb inside the doctor.

After the

4 problem asked a list of the best, the problem of the title, link, issue accounts, the corresponding IP address record, on the one hand it is easy to query, on the other hand, in order to avoid the IP problem. An account is best to correspond to a IP, IP, then according to their own products to determine whether the full use of local IP, or field IP. Because some products are mostly local customers, if the field IP, there is no one thing, and easy to be deleted.

third >

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