SMO is currently the hottest network marketing tool

believe that the network to do the promotion of friends, SEO (search engine optimization) SEM (search engine marketing) these network marketing tools we are not unfamiliar. Now there is a new means of promotion called social media optimization, also referred to as "SMO".

1: what is SMO

social media optimization SMO is a set of methods to obtain public communication through social media, online organizations and community websites. The SMO method includes adding RSS feeds, "Digg This" button, the blog writing and incorporating third party community functions (such as: Flickr, YouTube picture slide video sharing, light Heron social login and comments).

by participating in social networks: optimize the published website information, you can bring to the site. In addition, there are many other benefits of social media optimization. Participate in all kinds of social network is free, just need time, don’t think that SMO is a very easy thing, this optimization requires a lot of time, if you want to make their content can arouse the attention of others, must be familiar with the community, and actively participate, expand their influence. Social media optimization is a new form of network marketing.

two: how to optimize the site SMO

1: Web site administrators take the initiative to seek attention in the social network

In my opinion SMO

optimization is mainly 2, 1 is the site administrator to join various social networks (such as Sina, micro-blog, QQ,, and actively publish a variety of content and related websites in the network, causing the relevant fans attention, so that social media marketing purposes. For example, when I was early to promote their own 28 push forum, there are through Sina micro-blog, micro-blog initiative in the promotion of the above, so as to bring a large number of target site registered users. Through the release of a variety of blog related content on micro-blog, so that my blog readers than playing micro-blog increased by about 1/3.

2: through social service tools, allowing users to take the initiative to help the site do SMO promotion

is now a common social service tool, social login, social sharing, social commentary, etc.. Which focus on social sharing has bShare, jiathis, Baidu share, etc.. Attention to social login mainly has a light, is the heron network. Is the first to focus on creating social login, social comment whole social solutions for service providers, support social login Tencent QQ, Sina micro-blog,, happy net, MSN and other more than and 10 mainstream website. There is a lamp heron, APP login interface will not have to install multiple sites alone, LED lamp can be considered domestic SMO heron.

three: social commentary, an indispensable tool for improving



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