The basic factor of success the soft development situation

does not require you to write soft writing to how high writing soft does not require your thinking is active, write, nor to you overnight. To write a good article you must learn how to use the basic factor of the success of the soft, now a lot of friends in the written text have ignored this factor — the situation to write text. Too many people in the process of writing only thought of his own interests while ignoring the reader’s feelings, it is because of this wrong thinking that more soft, so how do we do not worth a hair, the basic factor of the success of the soft


a, industry class soft Wen to visit the industry news

I’m a webmaster, so I write in the soft basically will advance to the tour industry news, I will find the information they need on the A5 website, Chinaz, it and other sites, to guide the road through these information to establish their own soft Wen, for example, today is December 8th, so we want to promote their the social networking site, so how to write this article? Here I will give you one of the most profound examples to help you.

first of all, we went into the A5 tour news and found a news like this:



, the first social networking sites the decline of the news, if I want to promote the social networking site, then the first question: why is a reflection of the first social networking website why Google is going to fall, by visiting the whole article?? we will find: Google damage the interests of users according to their own interests, this is the root cause of the decline from the soft, our thoughts will come out. The first section is the analysis on the reason of the Google website design should decline, second. You need to promote the social networking site than Google networking site advantage, third is to sum up, we should summarize the user centered, truly user service.

This article through the

do not only new, more to attract users, users see this article, absolutely can not help but want to look into your social networking site why even better than Google, I believe that as long as you do this step is not difficult to attract traffic, then rely on traffic to attract webmaster friends the station are designed.

two, according to the focus of the topic or

whether it is reality or the Internet everyday focus information a lot, and the focus of information also includes a lot of criticism or praise as topic, soft writing must according to the situation of news topic corresponding exclamation or question, for example, shortly before the liquor plasticizer event with vigour and vitality, this is a focal point but, if you sell or operation is Liquor store or website, so this is a big boost.

since the liquor plasticizer event, so we can improve the quality of their wine according to this event? Now there are not many sellers in Taobao liquor? "

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