Glory 11 11 overseas crown again total sales exceeded 100 million

2015 double eleven, the glory of the outbreak of a strong potential energy, in one fell swoop won the Tmall, Jingdong platform number one. The domestic market Shirupozhu win situation, now spread in the world. In November 14th, the glory of 11.11 overseas record sales: multinational Triumphant news keeps pouring in., glory website registered users crazy surge, total overseas sales exceeded 100 million yuan. So far, the global coverage of over 19 countries and regions, the glory of 11.11 officially came to an end, with gorgeous glory at home and abroad have become the biggest winner of transcripts, double eleven online shopping Carnival activities.


11.11 in the glory of many overseas battlefield, the Middle East, Europe and other ten areas of outstanding performance, the total turnover exceeded $8 million; Malaysia, Russia was a historic breakthrough in Malaysia in the number of historic breakthrough 200 thousand, Vmall sales of $2 million 700 thousand, Russia’s Vmall platform sales exceeded $1 million 600 thousand in Western Europe; Vmall platform sales exceeding 1 million 100 thousand $7, glory Flash Pin sold out in 10 minutes. The machine is also popular in India, get the best monthly mobile phone, another one thousand yuan flagship 4X glory play favorable rate of breaking new highs, double eleven during the India overall sales growth of 5 times, with sales of $1 million 200 thousand. At the same time, in Indonesia and Vietnam, awareness of glory products rising, Indonesia’s official website registered users glory 57 times to achieve rapid growth, the number of registered users in Vietnam Vmall broken 20 thousand, sales growth of 3 times.

glory is the first double eleven Online Shopping Festival introduced overseas Internet phone brand, the market reaction beyond imagination. Over 19 countries and regions of a wide range of layout, but also the first time in history. This field relates to glory through the crazy feast the world over 19 countries and regions, the interpretation of the strength and courage of the global Internet mobile phone leader, also verified the glory of the Internet in the global mobile phone model success.


and the glory of 11.11 domestic games, in November 11th, 24:00 began to wrap up. The glory of sales break 1 billion 193 million, won the Tmall mobile phone sales in the first category (the category of mobile phone sales of a single product, brand sales, store sales for the first), and become the Tmall mobile phone brands only 11 double sales over 1 billion, while Android mobile phone sales gains Jingdong first! Glory to lead the audience to become the biggest winner in mobile phone, mobile phone category. Among them, when using 7 minutes and 16 seconds Tmall platform sales broke by 100 million, breaking the 35 points of the last year, Tmall’s annual sales of more than 11.11 21:48 breakthrough, only Tmall platform is far more than last year’s total sales of the whole day on 11.11. Definition of thousands of new flagship standards, with a metal body and fingerprint recognition 5X won the Tmall glory play 11 mobile phone dual single product sales champion, with the strength and the fact that over the best answer, but in the Jingdong platform, 6Plus 1200-> won the glory

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