Promotion strategy of website promotion of word of mouth

      for large web sites, the word of mouth is very important, how to do a good job promotion? Need to do the following three steps:

first step: let the user to remember your site, simple and easy to remember the domain name for large enterprise website is particularly important, such as the domain name, simple and easy to remember, you have to look at it. If you are a well-known brand companies, you can use your brand domain name, this time the brand domain name is particularly important, your brand has not registered, then quickly register it. If your brand domain name was registered, you can through various means (law, buy back) back, think to spend millions of dollars to buy Google know the domain name brand value. Only easy to remember domain name, promotion is particularly useful, because the first visitor wants to quickly login your site look, instead of struggling to find the domain name.

      the second step: to allow users to browse your site when the feeling is very good, the user experience must be better, site speed, depending on

      sensory effects (at least not to produce visual fatigue) are good. Imagine, you will be a very bad experience of the site to your friends? User experience is really very important, which is considered to belong to the category of user optimization.

third step: the key position in the web page implies that the user to word of mouth publicity. Do you usually take the initiative to introduce yourself to others after browsing the website? The site has a good play, you will immediately tell your friends? I don’t want to think about it when I’m browsing. Want to successfully implement word of mouth promotion, inadvertently remind visitors, there are fun things (need something or entertainment type), I believe that the initiative will be a lot of visitors to the high probability of publicity.

these three steps in the work, you need to rely on a series of details to deal with to achieve this purpose. You want to implement word of mouth promotion, it is good to study your site, then dig the value of the site.

      this way of promotion strategy, to meet the following two basic factors:

      1, website user experience is better.

      2, the website has the characteristic, easy to produce the stickiness.

      Author: Wu Xiangjie (focus on the construction site (Web Design) and website promotion, marketing research and practice)
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