Taobao Tmall will be under the ruthless hand to clean up tens of thousands of businesses

Now the

network transmission Alibaba as soon as possible in order to succeed in Hongkong IPO, to start businesses in the Tmall optimization, given to those businesses repaying the annual sales can not be more than about 300000 businesses, the service level is not high also give businesses and businesses repaying repaying ratio unexpectedly more than 15% or so, from these data, Taobao Tmall the plan is to repel the unprecedented efforts, of course these repaying businesses, Alibaba will not completely abandon them, but they will be transformed into the Taobao market, these rumors seem very appropriate, because the Alibaba’s listing plan has been imminent.

then Taobao Tmall so under the ruthless hand off business? I think this possibility is very low, in fact, from Taobao to Tmall’s official website also clarified, Tmall does not have such a large clear Tmall mall merchants, but the micro adjustment as appropriate, of course the content there is no trimming exposure. But more or less to remove a certain number of businesses is certainly That’s final. things, so clear business factors really involved with IPO

?Many industry insiders believe that

and Taobao still choose one of the two strategies are not unrelated, of course, the relationship between IPO and also a little bit, but it is a minor, because the current Taobao Tmall also faces enormous competition, in order to achieve further control of suppliers and achieve a win-win situation, then the realization of the binding is the most direct method, but also the most effective way to combat competitors, so Taobao Tmall for some operating on Tmall and realized in repaying the Jingdong or other business platform operating businesses.

Of course, this is not the

return again business cooperation opportunities completely sealed, but to make these businesses to market to suffer, when these businesses think Tmall is still good, then you have to obediently follow the Taobao Tmall two selection strategy, become Taobao’s core values.

and Taobao with Tmall to conduct business tightening, achieve common development and businesses, so businesses for Taobao dependence will be increasing, Taobao annual fee paid by nature will also more and more high, but as long as these businesses can get a good income through Taobao, then increase the number of service fees generally to be recognized, not like before the increase in service costs due to the merchant’s collective strike, from this perspective, Taobao’s repaying businesses obviously is a kind of retreat method.

IPO said, naturally there is also a certain relationship, if Taobao Tmall business sales do not increase, so will the overall impact of Taobao Tmall’s problems, now requires businesses sales at least more than about 300000 yuan, many businesses said that Taobao Tmall to control brush sales volume is still relatively weak, this is not that can to help improve store sales through the brush sales, so as to contribute to the listed Alibaba.

all in all, Taobao’s dependence on businesses also began to gradually >

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