Video and video website how to do marketing

At present,

film, video website is numerous, operating for many years high reputation such as potatoes, Youku, Iqiyi and so on, portals have also had their own video area, such as Baidu, 360, Tencent. Line Cinema also launched its own line on the website, as for some new or small cost of operating a small website is too numerous to mention. How to stand out in a number of sites, which is the kind of film and television website owners who think carefully.

first person that runs a website, first to do market positioning, now video websites are almost homogeneous, the film contains all of the categories, we hare to cinema as an example, the network structure is divided into classification regions such as Hong Kong and Taiwan, mainland China, Europe and the United States, overseas by category; for comedy, drama, horror, science fiction, urban and so on; and animation, costume drama… Do….. The film website is to distinguish where their strengths, such as do segmentation can do animation of the site, or is designed to do Euramerican big website, even Cantonese area website. Although this will be part of the loss of customers, but because the single-minded and do fine, do a lot of deep or will cultivate loyal fans. Film and video market so large a subdivision is enough.

secondly, web site operators know what to do, then the next to find a customer base. Of course, there is a great deal of connection with the location of the customer groups do you stand. Here we take drama, animation as an example of how to find the target customers. Love to watch Korean dramas are usually women, so these women love to patronize what website? Nothing more than Korean fashion, fashion, romance, and Korean drama forum, YY voice and so on. In addition, you can also cooperate with the online and offline learning institutions and other institutions. And like the animation of the crowd is relatively wide, the novel station, Japanese and large forum, games, QQ group and other places.

finally, the target group made the next step is to promote the optimization of the site optimization, film and television are video collection to the search engine, and love is the original content, then what do we do? Can release the soft promotion will be the latest film reviews and add interactive sessions at the forum in the promotion of high weight the website and the forum, second flow exchange, Links, or even spend money on advertising. And video search engine, the traditional video sites related to resource exchange, while preferential activities to attract customers.

video website to blaze a new trail to also need to have their own independent talent shows itself, the characteristics of vertical subdivision line, if the same with other large video sites, unless you have more money to hit or otherwise will go a way out, the same with the hare theater as an example, this time also you will need to think about what road to go, and how to give customers a better experience to improve their own.

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