How to make yourself stand up

do I think the most important thing is two words " ", how to make the Internet popularity; once to second times, third times, this is every webmaster must think about the things that I was doing a forum at first no one, after a little publicity, but did not post again then made a few stick can rarely see you, oh, that time really is not do so, and do not know from the start, that it was thought of the broken window effect:

‘s "broken window effect" theory comes from an experiment conducted by American psychologist Jabaron. In this experiment, a scholar found two volume as like as two peas car, put them in the middle class are community and mixed and disorderly block, he stopped off in the car that the middle class community, ceiling hole. As a result, the car was stolen in a day. The car, which was in the clutter of the neighborhood, remained intact for a week. The car also hit a hole, only a few hours after the car was stolen. Based on this experiment, "broken window theory".

is a business manager carefully observed the phenomenon: when a house window appears the first piece is damaged, if not timely repair, soon, the other glass will be destroyed one after another, if timely repair, rarely in the destruction of other glass.

on the site if there are several garbage stickers, so a very long time garbage stickers will be more and more, sometimes in the forum replies and comments on the article is also very obvious, if the first comment criticized the author, see the second person would scold, then third people certainly scold, this is the broken window effect, but we want to turn, if the first few people have said that the author is good, then there will be very few curse words.

so I had a lot of Ma3 jia3 reply every subject with the help of friends, the community quickly has been popular, although traffic is not particularly large, but basically all our loyal customers.

now though I focus on the Zhengzhou talent network and do the community, but the principle is the same, but many owners to increase the flow in the promotion of the neglect in popularity, popularity and traffic are equally important, how to make a high popularity of the website, rely on the webmaster in solving the needs of users at the same time a lot of the broken windows theory


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