The Cn domain of the troubles of the chaos

this time last year, the CN domain name "epoch-making yuan attack", the amount of registered homeopathy soared, as of the end of last year reached 9 million. We all know that the domain name is site of the "number", simple, easy to remember will enable more people to visit". A few years ago, the daughter of Google buy event, also touched everyone’s nervous excitement. The super domain is often called "love", "m", they want to profit from it, but the owners also hope to have a good domain name, this and want a good mobile phone number, phone number, people love the pursuit of better, "rare" say is this truth.

in CNNIC (Chinese Internet Network Information Center) when the implementation of the "national domain name put up a pageantry off plan, issues related to national top-level domain is exposed, for renewal and metastasis related operation has brought many troubles!

first to simply say the difference between domain name registrar. Here only talk about the domestic top-level domain agents. For the domain name registration, China Internet Center (CNNIC) has designated a number of domain name registration services for the top-level domain name service providers, can be regarded as a proxy. For example, we are very familiar with the network, the new network, Internet, e-commerce, 35 Chinese Xinwanghulian, in the era of the Internet, resources and so on, there are about 10. They will also allow other companies to act as their domain name services, which will produce two, more than three agents. The domain name registration price will be very cheap, so many people will be registered in the agent.


problem in these agents, most of the time domain renewal must find the original registration agents, if not contact it, it would have trouble to find an agent, until the top registrars, they will try to contact the original registrar, is not contact, different registered chambers with different methods. The basic domain name will not let you lose (not guarantee that some impatient abandoned.) , but this tedious process is very delayed time.

if you think this agent is not good, of course can be transferred to other domain name registrars, but enough to make people crazy. First of all to meet these conditions, the domain name is transferred from the domain name to apply for more than 60 days, the domain name expires before the transfer of the domain name for 30 days. Then fill out the application form, fill in this application form to print and affix a domain name registration and agents of all seals, together with a domain name registration business license copy mailed to the Registrar. After that is waiting for a domain name is out of the password. And then transferred to other registered on a fairly simple, a few basic steps to get it, it is easy to turn into a difficult ah! People really have a "pirate ship not to" feel me. Respectfully attract you buy the price of cabbage, and when you have to take the initiative to leave, but difficult.


is forced to leave, your "number" is not possible. But if you listen and stay safe, continue >

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