Taobao released twelve of the signal to the C2B to the

– the smoke has dispersed, although Taobao has not announced the results, but it has also been released, Taobao strong signal change.



network operators in the world by He Xuqi

double eleven Carnival has not yet dispersed, twelve horn has come.

there are indications that, with 450 million users, the seller of Taobao is brewing a real change in the era of online shopping. According to sources, Taobao this year’s twelve years of play will abandon the way of discounts, to take a two-way interaction, play, it will probably start Taobao change.

for this now occupy nearly 86% of China’s online shopping market share of the company, the outside world has always maintained a look and doubt mentality. Expect that has a history of 8 years has been in, online shopping, payment transactions on the entrance to build industry is difficult to cross the threshold, then the future will be how to choose; doubt is that Taobao promotion mode is single, small sellers to survive, Taobao second human intervention resources and other problems have emerged, which have become a bottleneck restricting the long-term development of Taobao health, and how to change.

"Taobao for 9 years, as Chinese society 30 years of development, prosperity and noisy, making great strides but no sense of security." Jiang Peng, President of Taobao (Mitutoyo) in the internal communication in the image of Taobao summed up the status quo, and once again sent a strong signal to the outside world – Taobao needs to change. How to change? In the same message, Jiang Peng joked: 12.12 we don’t want to have fun, fun.

change as early as

this is a premeditated change.

in early February 2012, Alibaba group chief of staff Ceng Ming in "C2B: the new business model of the Internet Era" in the paper has pointed out that the manufacturer is the center of the B2C mode of the industrial era, is gradually to the consumer as the center of the C2B mode in the information era replaced.

October 2012, Zeng Ming again wrote "cloud business" big idea pointed out that the basic structure of cloud business is "sharing platform + multi application layer structure", is also the structure of If the voluntary participation of consumers, that is, C2B to take into account, between enterprises, between enterprises and consumers, in the past that clear boundaries, based on asset specificity of the organizational boundaries are a lot of loose.

simply, the relationship between business and consumers will no longer be only commodity information as the center, but more community oriented, open, businesses and consumers will be organized through a more diverse factors together. The dominant position of enterprises in consumption is declining, individual operators and consumers are no longer just a screw, the richness of commercial ecology will be greatly improved. The most direct impact of this richness is to break the traditional single business logic: Taobao sellers are no longer just passively accept promotions, simply bet

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