want you to stop the attack after the acquisition of paraquat flavor Marketing Company

news August 16th, the day before, miss you announced that the company recently with the Anhui province Shenbo Internet Technology Co., Ltd. established a joint venture to you intelligent technology marketing company limited.

billion state power network to understand, miss you intelligent Technology Marketing Corporation was established in Xinzheng city in Henan Province, registered capital of 10 million yuan. The two sides invested all the funds for its own funds, which you want to invest 5 million 100 thousand yuan, accounting for 51% of the shares, Shenbo Internet technology company invested 4 million 900 thousand yuan, accounting for 49% of the shares. It is understood that you want to be smart Technology Marketing Corporation mainly engaged in the existing super channel (except Henan) jujube product development, design, operation, sales and other services.

in addition, the announcement also said that at the same time satisfy the following three conditions, I miss you to enjoy Shenbo Internet technology held by the company exclusive right to purchase equity joint venture. First, the cumulative sales of three years is greater than or equal to $620 million; the cumulative net profit of two is greater than or equal to $46 million 980 thousand in; three is not less than $360 million in sales in 2018, net profit of not less than $30 million.

for the joint venture company to intelligent marketing I miss you, I miss you said, they have excellent industrial resources and improve the supply chain system, and Anhui province Shenbo Internet Technology Co. Ltd. has high efficiency super system (KA) construction and operation ability. The company through its joint venture, can make full use of industrial resources, external professional advantage and capital advantage, market resources and advantages of the supply chain, the effective integration of the company super channel, enhance the core competitiveness and profitability.

at the same time, I miss you also disclosed the risk of the joint venture set up branch. "If the joint venture company channel for business operations within the agreed time limit does not meet the company’s expectations, the company may adjust the super channel strategy, the short term will not have a significant impact on the operating performance of the company".

in addition to set up a joint venture marketing company, the Brand Company as a traditional red dates miss you acquired a huge Internet snacks brand becheery initiatives, has also been churning and attracting the food industry and capital market. In February this year, miss you announced that the company will acquire Internet company becheery snacks to 960 million yuan, while in August this year, miss you announced that the acquisition has been approved by the State Ministry of Commerce anti-monopoly review board, since August 5, 2016 the company may implement. It is understood that the 18 day of this month, the two sides will be held in Shanghai, I miss you &, a new ecological strategy of the new flavor snacks, announced the formal acquisition.

in fact, in recent years, I think you have been actively developing electricity supplier channels, the data show that although its electricity supplier channel revenue is not much, but the proportion of its annual revenue continues to rise. The acquisition of becheery, industry analysts, will further expand to your product category, comprehensive transformation line, to achieve full integration of online and offline business, reduce the cost of sales, revenue improved.

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