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from the "like to change the book publishing, clothing to change the fruit industry," the idea of the establishment of the orchard every day, and now O2O, Wang Wei seems to have gone through a cycle, and returned to the original position.

may be a small number of people will think "like to change the book publishing, clothing to change the fruit industry," Wang Wei’s story sounds like a inspirational story.

He is

of early fruit in Shanghai Wuning Road, across the streets of Shanghai as a fruit stand, Wang Wei grew up on the fruit during the holiday monasteries, will also help parents to take care of business. He’s a do fruit business is 30 years, from a street stalls to the fruit shop, and then to enter the supermarket, Wang Wei witnessed a series of changes in the way the sale of fruit, fruit imports also witnessed the increasingly favored process, of course, it also cultivates his feelings for fruit.


process, he also saw the rise of the electricity supplier in Chinese and explosive growth, and the impact on the retail line, and this gives him the books, such as the change of clothing to change the traditional business ideas of fruit.


Wang Wei, one of the founders of orchard every day

he is now one of the founders of the orchard every day, there are more than 1 thousand employees. This fruit was founded in 2009 by the Jingdong led electricity providers to obtain a $70 million C round of financing in a few months ago, Heiner Asian venture capital funds (SIG), Kai Ming (Clearvue) and other investment institutions with investment.

orchard every day in 2014 sales of more than 500 million yuan, an increase of up to $150%. In January of this year, every day, more than 100 million yuan on orchard sales. Wang Wei said the orchard every day in the past 6 years has maintained a growth rate of 3 digits, but from the beginning of last year, it is obvious that we used to buy fruit online this thing".

according to Analysys International released the "2015 Chinese food business market report", 2014 China fresh electricity supplier transactions was 28 billion 980 million yuan, an increase of 122.6% over last year. This year is expected to reach 54 billion 400 million yuan.

has become the electricity supplier of fresh electricity supplier in the field of the most active and the highest degree of concern by the capital category, like rapid increase, delicious orchard every day 77 vertical fresh electricity supplier, Tmall, Amazon, and Jingdong integrated electricity supplier on fresh increase investment, let the market snowball. According to IT orange data, only in 2015 to enter the fresh electricity supplier market, the company has 34.


orchard every day to catch up with good. As each electricity supplier has a flashpoint of products, and then to fame. Originally living feelings started the "Chu orange", and the cherry orchard every day is.

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