Suning com teamed up with everyone electricity supplier SNS combination of glutinous rice

recently on the electricity supplier price war have been watching the news somewhat numb, the major electricity supplier B2C not to lose battle has resorted to exhaust all the skills. A means of price war is only enterprises for the market, while the price war hit competition situation, the competition means in a short time is difficult to win, but the enterprises not rely solely on the price war to develop. The rapid development of social networks and e-commerce, making the concept of social electricity supplier was valued companies. has been suffering from the revenue, and the most important task at present is to create brand, if to everyone will be win-win.

SNS: united all social electricity providers to help accelerate wants to quickly expand the brand cannot do without the support of the social network, rely on the SNS relationship will promote strong word-of-mouth communication and user growth of If there is a strong support of the website SNS that do SNS network promotion will come in handy. has become after 85, 90 groups for SNS software, which is the mainstream of the Internet users online shopping crowd, e-commerce and social networking users a high degree of overlap, so’s target customers and overlap. 80, 90 users have become the main force of the network, this kind of public opinion often leads to the hotspot, if can achieve the user’s approval, there will be a great benefit to the development of the brand.

for everyone, there is a stable profit point is very important. In the domestic pinterest mode of, said the rapid development of beautiful social business and social relations, stronger and bigger failed to break social business. Taobao’s SNS intention is very obvious, Tencent’s electricity supplier process has begun to accelerate, for the lack of network based Suning and lack of electricity supplier genes for everyone, the combination of the two is the best choice. Renren is hoping to develop electricity supplier business through the sticky rice network, but because the industry is too fierce competition to buy the group, glutinous rice network has dragged everyone’s hind legs. glutinous rice and glutinous rice group purchase group purchase Tesco resources complementary

is a or group purchase business weakness, the main rival Tmall Juhuasuan has occupied half of the country group purchase mall recently opened, Jingdong also group purchase business platform, how to layout group purchase business is a problem worth considering. There are a lot of goods on the platform, these goods to support the commercial group purchase business, but is currently no service type business, and if the glutinous rice on cooperation will provide supplementary group purchase business.

rice is ranked in the top ten industries group purchase website, the group purchase giants qualifying has been launched, glutinous rice nets temporarily fall behind, if combined with glutinous rice network jointly operated group purchase business will for the sticky web ranking to increase. Glutinous rice and Tesco group purchase.

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