Real estate e commerce online buy fly

October 1st 0 when 0 minutes, Wuhan Vanke Taobao official flagship store opened business, the first phase of the launch of the 100 suites.

2011, the purchase of credit limit, limit and a series of policies for the property market and in the quenched, many developers in the real estate market downturn to worry about when the real estate e-commerce began to shine.

Vanke and Taobao’s powerful alliances, perhaps opening up new channels of real estate marketing, e-commerce development opportunities for the real estate. This action will have a hot real estate e-commerce pushed in the teeth of the storm.

in fact, as early as April 23rd, SOHO China chairman Pan Shiyi has been in the online auction of 0 yuan from May 15th, SOHO China shops, through the Internet and sold 15 sets of houses, the total price of more than 136 million yuan. At this point, Pan Shiyi Chinese online purchases the first of its kind, also attracted the thinking of the real estate industry of electronic commerce.

then, major real estate developers started at an amazing speed into the field of electronic commerce, they frequently appear in the local group purchase and Home Furnishing website, to attract consumers to look attractive preferential. In the case of Juhuasuan Taobao, "city impression 10 percent off open group", "golden city group purchase" and other activities are hot in, and a single set of price discount amount are more than ten million yuan.

May 27th, Wuhan Vanke took a price 530700 yuan of 65 square meters of residential, launched in Sina Locke on timed seckill. Starting from 0 yuan, each increase of 10 thousand yuan, 400 thousand yuan cap. This time, Wuhan Vanke Real Estate heavyweight to the electronic commerce depth test, interest in e-commerce grow with each passing day.

just Wuhan Vanke decided to cooperate with Taobao for a long time, will become a normal online sales. In micro-blog, a broke the news will be involved in the determination of Vanke e-commerce is extremely mysterious. There is news that the world’s three largest headhunting company Vanke commissioned ten thousand baoshenghua recruitment electricity supplier director seems, Vanke headquarters have been aimed at the electronic commerce market.

industry insiders believe that the current real estate online sales is more of a means of publicity, in the eyes of developers, the propaganda effect is greater than the actual transactions, while buyers value is the information flow and preferential. Online shopping has become an important part of the life of 80, 90, developers just follow the footsteps of the times, but e-commerce can not completely replace the traditional real estate sales model, more is a kind of cooperation.

although the house and the car are big consumer goods in life, have been on the line, but there are very different. The car has characteristics of homogenization, brand, style is a fixed standard, and the house is different, there is no homogeneity standard, each house area, apartment layout, floor and so on, are decided by each house have different prices.

it can be seen, simply look at the Internet, less than the scene, they will be able to achieve the possibility of buying a house

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