Registered love the free membership of the network that is free to send English Cn domain name

I love the

network ( in order to thank all the support I love people now decided money since April 18, 2007, -5 18 registered I love net free membership of a domain name or.Cn English Chinese data consumption gold 10 yuan. Since the April 18, 2007 -7 month 18 days do I Aitong membership enterprise post office 1600 yuan / year, China data value of 900 yuan (300M).

this event on the B2B industry, will cause an earthquake". The event featured a special report on the weekend of April 13, 2007 COLLECTION B5. (attached to a newspaper scan).

I love the network organized the event, the B2B industry is the first launch of the entire IT industry in China is also the first. What is the strategic leadership of the company, then we walked into him.

I love the tension of the founder of

, was born in the middle of 80s, in 2000 to enter the Internet industry, has created a general mobilization of entertainment (, nightlife era (, data age ( and other sites, in 2006 to participate in Chinese BTOB market to create a "I love network" large B2B commerce website, "the average age of the entrepreneurial team I love" is only 23 years old, but quickly became a leader in similar website ranking. In this year, was invited to participate in the "Second China small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce application development conference" on the tension he is honored as "the youngest China B2B portal head". I love network three months on the line to get the favor of the United States well-known venture capitalists, ready to inject capital to jointly develop domestic and foreign B2B market. Later, by the famous domestic virtual host and domain name provider of Chinese data ( highly valued, and in all aspects of the depth of cooperation.

because I love the network of strong information and quality services, a lot of registered on its platform as a member of the company, great harvest. How do I love the network in the BTOB industry website competition in how to get a place in the competition. They do a lot of investment in customer service. As long as the enterprise fair fee 1600 yuan a year to enjoy the free service of the characteristics of the three:

1. self-help website: do not need specialized personnel design and maintenance of enterprise website, everything in their own hands. Through our platform allows you to automatically generate a web site. Including company profile, product display, supply and demand business opportunities, recruitment, corporate news and other information. Can publish or change anytime, anywhere. You can release information about the supply and demand top priority, priority display, to provide 365 days of advisory services, exclusive brand, exclusive corporate website, turnover is 6 times than the ordinary members of the. You can upload any wide, high product image, the system will help you to automatically trim to the appropriate size, eliminating your precious time for image editing.

–   2 pairs: we understand customer information for.

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