Amoy blue 2015 fun Taobao wireless terminal dry cargo sharing

entered in 2015, Taobao frequent changes in policy.

Taobao more and more cherish the flow, especially small sellers in the seller to get less traffic. Many sellers complain that Taobao is difficult to do. In fact, this is because the seller does not fully understand the rules of Taobao, a contrarian, the extension of 14 years old play not to say, don’t know where the focus of investment, the final dead beat do not give themselves to strive for greater living space. Today we have to further interpret the significance of 2015 wireless terminal for the small and medium-sized, and small sellers how to break from the wireless side, as boundless as the sea and sky as you fly. Life is not the strongest, nor the most intelligent can survive, but the most suitable to survive! Finally apply Ma’s words: flow, standing on the air, pigs can fly.

small sellers to do the basis of sales, in fact, is the last seven days of the end of the spiral PC wireless terminal. In essence, there is no difference between the PC end with the wireless side. If you have to say the difference, then this year can be said to be the wireless side of the initial year, with respect to the perfect PC side, the wireless side is still in a small state, relatively rough. However, this is a small seller can take advantage of.

PC end search:

men’s shoes

wireless client search:

men’s shoes

photo card, Words alone are no proof., through the above two maps to a brief look at the difference between PC end search and wireless end search.


is a PC search page appears shoes. The system uses thousands of thousands of people face according to the user’s search habits of the leisure shoes and head priority display. Figure two is the wireless client search results of men’s shoes. No words, round like casual shoes. In other words, the wireless side is based on the user’s search for words to give more personalized recommendation. The wireless terminal compared to the PC side is completely white, no integrity, based sales of wireless terminal can freely play. How to run the wireless terminal sellers, following them one by one.

a, keyword compactness

first look at the following baby:

from the picture look when we search for "men’s summer shoes casual shoes" or "men’s leather shoes, this summer" appear in the block of tofu. This is sufficient to explain: first, the weight of the baby is very large; two, the baby’s keyword selection is very good. Can be seen in addition to the weight of the baby itself, the key is particularly important.

Q: how to choose

wireless terminal


answer: wireless side of the hot words and tags.

asked: how to combine the title?

answer: the title by the wireless tag word plus hot words combination.

so how is it better to combine two examples:


I made a linen shoes, sold well, and according to the comprehensive.

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