Bigfoot flicker the root of the network marketing

      you may think that you, uncle Zhao Maiguai, perhaps because of more ordinary Chinese Maiguai really understand the meaning of the flicker flicker, generally speaking, is a derogatory term, but today we’re from another angle to explain: what is a fool? How to flicker? Of course, the overall argument still may be extreme, but I think the extreme still has its value of existence. Here we do not discuss the products or services being fooled, only from the point of view to talk about the marketing trick trick.

      1, what is flicker?

      I personally think that in order to achieve the purpose of attracting the attention of others to take a variety of means are called flicker. Flicker is not confined to the language, behavior, sound, other media can become a flicker of the carrier, the thing itself is not flicker flicker function, but the flicker of the media so that flicker became a fact. So we should be able to produce the role of the media on the effort.

      2, how flicker?

      you should use the media, let the media make possible flicker flicker, specific to the network marketing, it is in the text, sound, image for the media to make their flicker, these three elements are the talent shows itself, Fudge foundation, can be carried out simultaneously, can be together, can use separate. In a word to be noticed, 1, 2, 3, fascinating, timely Douchu burden (Huyou subject), 4, seize the flicker of the psychological, 5, 6, the timely withdrawal of baggage, leaving the suspense (for next flicker)

      3, flicker to pay attention to what?

      in the text (Chapter) should be done to attract attention, attract other people’s eyes, catch the eye of others. Use creative description to achieve the purpose, sometimes the proper exaggerated is also possible, the voice can take the unusual sound descriptions of foreshadowing, celebrity imitation of sound, image should be distinctive simple melody, can use white with blue, yellow with red, also can use cool colors the warm colors mixed collocation. Graphics, the meaning of the map to transform a little slow, in short, to understand simple, clear, clear contrast.

4, why is fudge the fundamental marketing?

      talk is not to talk black into white, not the dead said survive, nor just nonsense, but for the prospects and for their psychological design a set of catch their eye, shake it will stir up emotions, mobilize the action plan. In the case of possible or not, is expected to have suddenly popped up, let those interested in the firm belief, let see.

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