Wikipedia articles to promote the use of the site’s six experience

When it comes to

search engine optimization, many people will think of the use of the forum, post bar, blog, Q & A, links and other ways to promote their site. Indeed, there are many kinds of website promotion way, and as everyone knows these are the commonly used methods, but the encyclopedic entries in this way to promote it’s easy to overlook, because Wikipedia entry audit force, is very strict, with Web links entry through the rates are generally small.

therefore, the webmaster in Wikipedia has done a promotion difficulty coefficient is relatively large, relative to other optimization methods, the entries can be said to be a thankless, time-consuming and laborious, not easy to edit entries are likely to pass the audit, to edit, submit, is also likely to pass. So, this way is very easy to be ignored by the webmaster or even abandoned a difficulty promotion.

however, the Wikipedia entry if well, the optimization effect is very good quality, after all, Baidu, Google Encyclopedia of weights given are very high, especially the Baidu encyclopedia, which is helpful to increase website traffic and weight.

in so many sites to promote the way, I personally prefer to edit Wikipedia entries. In fact, as long as the master of the method, edit Wikipedia entries is not difficult. My bar look currently in the Baidu encyclopedia encyclopedia and search relevant entry is more than and 30, is nearly a month to edit.

to share my personal experience in the promotion of Wikipedia:

1. Choose Wikipedia website

currently has more well-known Wikipedia website: Baidu encyclopedia, Wikipedia encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia and search.

and Baidu encyclopedia Wikipedia soso is quite similar, Wikipedia pages are relatively organized, for our Chinese reading habits, Wikipedia is more chaos, and many are English. Interactive Encyclopedia of the effect is not very good. So, I prefer the Baidu encyclopedia and search Wikipedia, also chose the 2 wiki based.

Baidu encyclopedia more users, which entries than Wikipedia soso to comprehensive, so a lot of Baidu encyclopedia entries already exist, no Wikipedia SOSO inside. This time we can according to the Baidu encyclopedia entry to search entries to create or supplement entries, and then in the "extended reading" or "data" and other places with links to your web site.

two. Entry with their own website

generally speaking, choose to create or improve the entry to be related to their web site, in order to bring the link to the site, otherwise it will be suspected of advertising, but through the audit.

three. Creating entries easily through

webmaster according to their web site to create the relevant entry, with the link is easy to pass. Edit the existing entries with links to create their own entries than the rate to be much smaller. My search encyclopedia created 13 about 798 entries are easily through.

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