58 market integration Yang Haoyong second hand car two venture with melon seeds

Yao Jinbo and hug

Sina Technology Wang

recently, the public comment founder Zhang Tao raise a Babel of criticism of, tears in the feast of the picture pass today, ganji.com founder Hao Yang Chung is also to give up the title of CEO, he did not cry.

58 market CEO Yao Jinbo said, to achieve today’s results are not premeditated, is the result of the last one or two months of negotiations. Initially due to the former senior vice president of Tencent group, former Tencent electricity supplier holding company CEO Wu Xiaoguang (English name Free) reminder.

Yang Haoyong said, in the course of the negotiations, there is an instant Yao said he was very envious of me, for a moment he promised that he would do the seeds used car, I think it is not easy".

Yao Jinbo after the meeting, said, I really do not mean to lead the seeds of second-hand car, but only a negotiation strategy, so that the other side empathy".

business for ten years, the title of Yang Haoyong three times the changes from CEO to 58 ganji.com market combined with CEO to the seeds of second-hand car CEO.

Yao Jinbo said, "before the communication of Ho Chung said that if the two of us will be the headlines, cry on each other’s shoulder, Hao Chung said don’t cry". In order to prove that this is not a sad story, two people are still on the stage with a smile hug.

so far, 58 market merger settled, Yao Jinbo led 58 to more than 20 thousand people in a runway, Yang Haoyong led more than 2 thousand people in another runway.

Yao believes that this is a "Happy ending" and "Happy beginning", and repeatedly said "thank you very much for Yang Haoyong’s trust".

Yang Haoyong believes that "58 market steady development, does not require a two CEO", and is responsible for the seeds of second-hand car is back to 0 restart, very excited, and said, "the seeds of second-hand car is my second most important project of 10 years."

Yang Haoyong, the two venture into the seeds of second-hand car head

The two venture seeds used car

Yang Haoyong’s direct selling net (original car market) officially launched in November 27th last year, C2C network trading mode main second-hand car business.

After the separation of

, with Yang Haoyong as the core of the management team will hold the seeds of second-hand car more than 54% shares, 58 market group financial investment and traffic support, at the same time, Yang Haoyong in the name of an individual to invest $60 million in seeds of second-hand car.

it is worth noting that, before the 58 and go to the market with the second-hand car business is one of the key development ganji.com, responsible person is Wang Xiaoyu.

in an interview with sina science and technology before the interview, Yang Haoyong said the melon used car will operate independently, and in the future independent spin off listing. In public, business leader Wang Xiaoyu was solemnly Hao Yang Chung introduced, although there is no >

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