Web site chain optimization strategy

The principle of

third party website

The effect of the

chain is not only to the website of Shanghai Longfeng increase the weight of the site, it is not only to improve a keyword ranking. A high quality of the external links to the site can bring good traffic.


if there is a certain writing ability, can write some high quality soft Wen issued to each big website or blog and leave a link address at the end of the article, if adopted, there will be a large number of websites reproduced, so as to obtain the chain of considerable. read more

The website included in the website ranking and relationship

in the next work, the author Dennis through the site command to detect found not to imagine is black, the phenomenon is linked to the horse. Included in the ranking is rising, and falling, through the detection of the source code of the website, found that the site did not set up the robot file. Present situation is embarrassed to convey to us a new algorithm of information? The author Dennis made a bold speculation, the website included in the website ranking is not there is a positive correlation between the so-called. read more

Analysis of optimization method based on the actual link three elements

exchange and although the weight is acceptable, but the number is extremely limited, a website itself even if the weight be higher, if the export of fifty or sixty links, nor what value, but also make the search engine mistakenly think that this is the link factory. But the search engine must have requirements, deep breadth of certain links, can effectively enhance the website weight. The soft, let these difficulties smoothly done or easily solved. Released to the professional platform on the site, not only attracted great attention, very conducive to enhance corporate reputation. More importantly, the website optimization point of view, widely reprinted can bring vast amounts of links, and these links are distributed under different domain name. We take stationmaster network as an example, a number of good quality articles, usually bring dozens of times even hundreds of times the reprint, the article also turn away turn away in the middle of the domain name and link. > read more

Analysis of selection and optimization techniques of long tail keywords

for the grassroots webmaster, do website optimization, if the simple take great effort to optimize the core keywords, it is easy to cause lose the wife of another soldier, spent more time talking about money is basically a boondoggle, so that the strategies to optimize the core keywords is not appropriate for the grassroots webmaster.

long tail keywords selection techniques

but for the grassroots webmaster, long tail keywords selection is very important, and no one will be able to optimize the long tail keywords to obtain immediate results, this is a long process, but also has a lot of skills, the key word love Shanghai heat index is very high, often can thousands, so we choose the long tail keywords, love Shanghai index is also a very worthy of reference, generally speaking, the love of Shanghai index is small, means that the key competitiveness will be smaller, the corresponding search the user the opportunity is small, so in the choice of long tail keywords, the index should love Shanghai in a relatively suitable digital, usually around 100 of the index is relatively appropriate. read more

Love Shanghai original algorithm die

1, Shanghai is not timely grasp of love. After the original written, you put on your own website, love Shanghai cannot ensure that the first time to grab your article. There are multiple factors here, your weight is not high enough, you outside of the chain is not wide enough, the spider did not first time to visit your original page, and the new Shanghai love even after being informed, the crawling cycle is generally longer, in the absence of sufficient activity and extensive chain support, the love of Shanghai can not be the first time to obtain the new content on your site. read more

Love Shanghai’s platform

love Shanghai’s own love Shanghai know, love Shanghai love Shanghai library, encyclopedia and other products have been popular website ER and website promotion of Shanghai dragon’s favorite, but how to correctly view Shanghai’s love of these products, and play its role? I will combine their experience to do the real estate network in Kunshan and together with you to discuss.

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about love Shanghai own product in the end is to take care of or by itself optimization of this problem, I in the above article "search engine optimization seven say" there is a little about here, not perfunctory. I also proposed, because you do not love Shanghai link or promotion platform resulted in his website implicated. We can think of it this way, if you don’t do what the chain, the chain had sex in Shanghai own products, can easily lead to the breadth of the chain is too simple to be punished. On the other hand, you also do other outside the chain, the chain fell in love with the sea also, results of the site being punished, then we cannot judge is punished for having sex on the chain in Shanghai. In fact, we have not considered the station optimization etc.. Numerous factors will let us judge error. read more

Analysis of love Shanghai love Shanghai promotion and optimization of five different nature

love Shanghai bidding risk is relatively large, there may be a 6000 no gain, risk rate of more than forty percent people involved, hoping to avoid the attention of risk. Love Shanghai optimization of the smaller risk, >

Love is love for Shanghai .

love Shanghai bid is accumulated by the stability of RMB, and now love Shanghai bidding is the launch of the left and right double auction, and Chinese netizens love look left, right and bidding have much value I dare not recognized. Love is on the optimization of Shanghai webmaster rely on long-term efforts and struggle will make up the website ranking, not expensive and stability has been left, so the stability, if you are without money or sex in Shanghai so webmaster optimization for good. read more

Because of slow speed would miss one hundred million test your site has lost so much

For ? What are the factors that led to the

speed experience is the most important user experience

? "

assumes that the site open speed reducing 500ms search volume decreased by 25%, the noble baby Amazon into a single volume decreased 1%, Facebook decreased by 3% and the data browsing, visible, slow site is fatal to the site, will bring a large number of users jumped even dropped order volume of the website as the main is the time! Examine how to improve web page open speed to enhance their own site traffic. read more

Between different bidding optimization and analysis

, the 2 key words in the search engine rankings cannot be determined, only the establishment of a general location could not completely reach the standard heart station.

2, through account set up numerous keywords, as long as you want to do is not illegal keywords are ranking.

1, in the search engine rankings show more natural, stable, easy to build a brand, and maintain a longer time.

love Shanghai bidding:

2, hot industry keywords click price also resulted in the peer malicious click behavior, and even organized the malicious click. read more

2013 Shanghai Longfeng practitioners how to deal with the love of Shanghai artificial right down

so simple!

method: try to pick only the single keyword optimization order. If the website is only one keyword, probability of being love Shanghai artificial drop right is greatly reduced. I have 13 customer sites, 7 of which are optimized for individual keywords do, so far, and there was no sign of artificial right down, and even if the domain is no longer the first keyword is still ranked in the home, the customer can have a good explanation.

method two: sign a contract according to the keywords denominated cost optimization. If customers require a lot of keywords, and you want to make more money if you can use this method. Now there are some Shanghai dragon er or network company, when they received orders are usually several customer optimization without separate quotation will give a general total price, although it is simple and convenient, but the practice proved that, the more so, the more customers according to come to trouble. I have particular trouble often receive customer call quarrels and how my whichever key words and not on the first page, urging every day be pestered beyond endurance. Since adopting the word offer no such distress. But note that the keyword of single quote as far as possible the use of installment. I signed contract with the customer when optimization is take the first payment of fifty percent, key ranked after the beginning of a quarterly four to pay another fifty percent of the optimization models, the advantage of this is that, even if which keyword ranking out or be in love with the sea malicious right down, when we are incapable of action, we have to listen to customers Tucao every day, not a sentence, the word of the tail, you don’t have to pay! read more