Attorney General Ashley Moody issues statement on FDLE phone scam

first_imgFlorida Attorney General Ashley Moody has issued a statement warning Florida residents about a new phone scam where the perpetrators are pretending to be the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and have been calling unsuspecting victims to demand payment or their personal information.Moody says the scammers are using a method called spoofing to make it seem as if the call is truly coming from the FDLE, however, Moody says the department would never call you and ask for money or your personal information over the phone.If you believe you have been the victim of this scam, you are asked to call FDLE at (850) 410-7000 or (866) 9NO-SCAM.last_img read more

Florida Senator Marco Rubio to Head Senate Intelligence Committee

first_imgSenator Marco Rubio is taking over the Senate Intelligence Committee. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the Florida Republican will serve as acting chairman in Richard Burr’s absence. North Carolina’s Burr stepped down last week while the feds investigate his stock trades ahead of the coronavirus pandemic. Rubio’s first day in charge will be Tuesday.last_img

Countdown is on for tomorrow’s launch of Humans from Kennedy Space Center

first_imgBehnken and Hurley will spend anywhere from one to four months on board the orbiting laboratory, depending on how well their Crew Dragon spacecraft fares and on the status of another Crew Dragon spacecraft that launch the first operational Crew Dragon mission to the space station, called Crew-1. President Trump and Vice President Pence are expected to attend Wednesday’s launch at the Kennedy Space Center.Liftoff is set for 4:33 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday. There is a one minute launch window opportunity. SpaceX’s first crewed mission will be epic and historic. But, despite what you may have heard, it doesn’t mark the return of human spaceflight to American soil.The suborbital space tourism company Virgin Galactic notched that milestone on Dec. 13, 2018, during a rocket-powered test flight of its VSS Unity space plane.Pilots Mark Stucky and C.J. Sturckow took Unity to a maximum altitude of 51.40 miles (82.72 kilometers) on that mission. Weather permitting, SpaceX will launch two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station Wednesday afternoon from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.Right now there is a 60% chance the weather will cooperate and the launch will go off as planned.Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley will become the first astronauts to launch to orbit from American soil since the space shuttle was retired back in 2011. On launch day, the Falcon 9 rocket will send the two astronauts on a 19-hour orbital chase of the International Space Station, where they will join the three-person crew of Expedition 63 on Thursday (May 28). last_img read more

Fourth win makes Hilleard the man of the moment

first_img England A squad player Josh Hilleard is the man of the moment with four wins in the space of just 22 days.He claimed his latest title at the weekend with a comprehensive, eight-shot victory in the West of England Championship at Royal North Devon.The 21-year-old from Farrington Park in Somerset adds it to his other April successes: the Berkhamsted Trophy, the Faldo Series Wales Championship and the Hampshire Salver.“It’s going well at the moment,” he remarked with a degree of understatement, after beating par in all four rounds at Royal North Devon and finishing on 10-under (70 68 71 69).“I feel as though there’s a target on my back! All the guys get on well and we’re really friendly, but you know they can all turn up and shoot 65 as easily as the next person. So, I’m just enjoying it and taking nothing for granted.”Hilleard’s all-round game in in very good shape, but he was particularly pleased with his putting at the weekend, which helped him to 13 birdies and two eagles.He’s benefitting from the confidence and belief that comes with winning and he said: “I’ve found a way of relaxing and playing my best in this scenario, it’s just understanding myself.”The championship was played in demanding conditions, with wind and rain on the first day and chilly temperatures for the next three rounds.Hilleard was in the mix from the start and after the second round he held or shared the lead. He was five clear going into the final round, but with England international Paul Kinnear moving up the leaderboard with a third round 69, he said: “You had to think the gap wasn’t as big as it sounded.”However, Hilleard continued to move away from the field in his final round, with the boost of an eagle three on the 9th, where holed a 35-footer. “That helped massively,” he said.The runner-up was Cameron Long (Burton on Trent) who scored four-under 68 in the last round to finish on two-under. James Newton (Prestbury) was third on one under.Image © Leaderboard Photography 25 Apr 2016 Fourth win makes Hilleard the man of the moment last_img read more

PlayMoreGolf is England Golf’s latest ‘preferred partner’

first_imgEngland Golf has partnered with PlayMoreGolf to help clubs to offer flexible memberships which fit around their customers’ lives and golfing needs.PlayMoreGolf is the latest business to join England Golf’s Preferred Partner network. It gives clubs the chance to offer a flexible membership to golfers who don’t want the classic package – and to run this alongside their traditional membership.It links clubs across the UK and golfers simply join online, choose their preferred home club, and receive 100 points for an annual subscription. Of this, 80 points will be used at home and 20 can be used ‘away’ at other PlayMoreGolf partner clubs.Clubs affiliated to England Golf clubs can click here to book a free one-to-one consultation with PlayMoreGolf on how to build a profitable flexible membership category. Clubs which sign up to the service will receive a 28% discount on the licence fee.The typical profile of a PlayMoreGolf member is someone aged 44 who plays eight to 12 rounds per year – with 65% playing at off peak times.  On average 10% of members upgrade to a club’s full membership within the first year. Tags: England Golf, Flexible Membership, PlayMoreGolf Iain Lancaster, England Golf’s Club Engagement Manager, said: “I am delighted to welcome PlayMoreGolf as one of our Preferred Partners. Our research tells us that clubs which offer flexible packages are the most likely to increase their membership and I am sure there will be enormous interest in this new partnership and the discount offer.”Jamie Carroll, PlayMoreGolf Sales and Marketing Director, commented: “We partner with golf clubs to grow their existing, or launch a new, flexible membership category to complement their traditional membership options. With PlayMoreGolf, each club controls and customises how their flexible membership operates to fit their requirements and enable growth of overall membership revenue.“In addition to providing the online platform that administers the membership for clubs, reducing both time and costs, our club specific marketing activity and dedicated Club Support Managers drive new flexible members to clubs, generating guaranteed contracted revenue and reducing the seasonality of pay and play golf to help golf clubs thrive and succeed.“We are delighted to be partnering with England Golf whose research shows there are over 2million golfers who enjoy golf but are not attached to a golf club.  PlayMoreGolf provides both the network and infrastructure to meet the demands of the modern younger golfer, providing the benefits of membership and catering for the desire to play at other courses, whilst fitting these around busy modern lifestyles.”England Golf’s 1900+ affiliated clubs can access the network of Preferred Partners. For a full list of partners click herecenter_img 28 Feb 2018 PlayMoreGolf is England Golf’s latest ‘preferred partner’ last_img read more

Back alley bullies

first_imgAfter a thorough spanking on the road, most teams in the NFL crave the green, green grass of home to provide restoration and rejuvenation. There is nothing like the hometown fans when it comes to putting ointment on wounded egos. But more importantly what really helps cure all that ails ya is having the opportunity to take out your frustrations on a team that is very, very bad. The Steelers resident geriatric, wide receiver Hines Ward mentioned after the Steelers defeated the Seahawks 24-0 on Sunday afternoon that the Steelers wanted to come out and set the tone early.“Big” Ben Roethlisberger echoed those sentiments. “We did a good job driving the ball down the field and converting third downs early,” he said. “I am still very disappointed (with our) short yardage and goal-line. I don’t know what our percentage was, but I don’t think it was very good with converting touchdowns. I know our offensive line takes pride in that and they will really kick themselves for that. I thought we could have scored a lot more points than we did. We won the game and that is the most important thing right now.” I am disappointed that the Steelers did not beat these bums by six or seven touchdowns. Trust me Steelers Nation, next week the Indianapolis Colts defense may be a bit stingier than the Seahawks “D.”There was a very tense moment when Big Ben laid on the field writhing in pain as the result of his leg being rolled up on by Seahawks defensive end Raheem Brock. Let’s see if the NFL fine police are going to have their ticket book in hand for that questionable hit? Big Ben was worried when Brock made contact with his knees. “It was pretty scary” he said. “You just feel guys roll up on your legs and when he rolled up on me it was a scary feeling. Structurally it felt fine. I didn’t feel anything pop so that was the good thing about it. Then it was just a matter of playing through the pain.” Well at least the Black and Gold and the Steelers nation did not have to live through the pain of another Steelers turnover-marred defeat.I’m going to switch gears for a moment and talk about the schizophrenic “talking heads” who crowned the Ravens AFC North Champions a tad over a week ago after just one lopsided victory over their primary nemesis, the Steelers. Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis might have been barking at the moon while the fog originating from way down in his diaphragm covered anyone or anything near him. He had to be feeling full of himself after the smackdown that the “dirty birds” put on the Steelers but the Tennessee Titans let him know how completely on target he was when he said for the world to hear; “this is not last year.” You are right Mr. Lewis this is not last year and you and the rest of your “Raven-mates” are ready to rumble. In order to attract a new demographic of customers Tennessee decided to list stuffed “Raven” as the special of the day and the featured entrée at the top of their menu this past Sunday and the head chef Jeff Fisher did not disappoint.See all that blowing smoke and mirrors will only work if your opponent is convinced that they are better than you are. When your opponent truly believes the hype pretty soon you may fall under their spell because it only takes one eyedropper of mud to ruin a five gallon crock full of cold fresh spring water. Insecurity and doubt can spread like an unchecked cancer. Pittsburgh had doubt when they faced the Ravens, the Titans did not. The Titans played with desperation and focus; the Steelers, well you saw the game. Now the “homers” in the Steel City are strutting around saying things like; “the Steelers have found redemption and are back on the right track.” How can you be redeemed playing a team (Seattle) with a rah, rah head coach and an almost college quarterback? The Seahawks were not a true test for the Steelers. The next two weeks will serve as a more accurate barometer in regards to redemption. It’s easy to crow after winning a game that you are supposed to win. Let’s see how strong the vocal chords are when a team loses to a team that they are supposed to beat. The Steelers have a legitimate shot at claiming another AFC North title. However, no one is going to hand it to them and conventional wisdom tells me that they had damn well better not allow Big Ben or any other player to hand it to another franchise or to throw it away. Remove your fingers because the window of opportunity for the Pittsburgh Steelers to claim another NFL Championship may be slammed shut, sooner than later, ciao.(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: or 412-583-6741. Bruce is also the AFC North and NFL analyst on ‘The Odd Couple Show’ every Wednesday streaming live from 11-11:30 a.m. on Fox Sports Radio WCWA 1230 Toledo, Ohio.) What a difference a week makes or does the saying go; what a difference playing a weak team makes? The Steelers played and lost their first game at the hands of the B-more Ravens and at times it appeared that Baltimore literary legend the late, great Edgar Allen Poe had exited the grave just to haunt Pittsburgh.last_img read more


first_imgBILL NEAL :09 You know the best guy in the whole wide world is my main man Dwayne Woodruff, aka “Da Judge,” but the second best guy in the whole wide world is Attorney Billy Goodrich.I mean c’mon man, we started first grade together. Now I want you all to know that the third best guy in the whole wide world is Attorney Jack Goodrich. Not only that, he’s the best looking and best dressed of all three…just ask him and he’ll tell you. By now you’re wondering what these guys have to do with sports? Well, to be honest, nothing. But I guarantee you they all know why I call them the best guys in the whole wide world!Yea Mon…I’m no fool. Hold up, wait a minute, did I almost forget to tell you that Dom Gambino is the fourth best guy in the whole wide world? Man, this could go on for a while.:08 You want to complain about your Pittsburgh Steelers being 2-3. Do you know that New England is 3-3 and Green Bay is 3-3 and the Jets are 3-3 and the Giants are 3-3 and the self-anointed Eagles are 3-3 and the Cowboys are 2-3. Need I say more?:07 Ok, you want me to believe that all those people knew that Lance Armstrong took performance enhancing drugs and they knew all this time and no one ever said a word until now. Do-you-really-believe- that? Or do you think that maybe “The Powers that Be” just might have something on some of these guys to get them to roll over? Hmm…:06 As promised, I went to the old timers basketball practice and here’s what I found out. “Bum” Coates still got game and yes, he can still shoot the ball. But guess what else I uncovered? “AI” is still sudden death from that wing spot. “Hop” and “Spud”…both former great athletes back in the day, are still rollin’. “Big Bill” is still quiet, but effective on the boards. “Mike W.” and “Chuck” can still run faster with a ball than most people can without one. “Mike Dean” is just cool and “Mitch” is the key to victory with his inside game. And to no one’s surprise, I can still shoot the ball… always could and always will. Don’t believe me, ask the other guys I just mentioned. I shut down the gym with five in a row…all net! I’m just saying!! But the real reason I bring this to your attention is this, No. 1 — When the old timers have a home game here, go out and support them. You can still see some great ball. No. 2 — In the wake of the sudden loss of some of our basketball brothers who loved and played the game, it’s just great to be able to live life and still enjoy the game that brought us all so-much-fun!!!:05 Movie Review Time: You know you love it. Yes, you do…yes, you do! All “Taken 2” is doing is “Taken” your money. I mean, it’s alright, but it’s not close to the original. I give it two basketballs…and that really is because it’s Liam Neeson.:04 And while I have the attention of the artistic side of your brain, how about this…“Back to the World,” “If I were only a Child Again,” “Keep on Pushin’,” “We’re a Winner,” “We People Who Are Darker Than Blue,” “Stone Junkie”…aawwee, you forgot about Curtis Mayfield…excuse me, the great Curtis Mayfield. You know there was “The Man” and his music before and after “Superfly”!:03 Round up—Pitt lost to Syracuse; WVU went back to Texas and got their butts whopped; Ike Taylor and the Steelers gave another one away at the end; Penn State was off; the City League is holding onto a league (more next week); the Pirates are done; “Jeter,” and now the Yankees are done and there may never be hockey again. There, that’s all I got!:02 Don’t forget the Plum Lady Mustangs are holding their “Got Skillz” basketball camp for girls ages 3-8 years old. But here’s what you need to know. Two of the greatest-of-all time will be on hand to teach your girls the game. Three-time NCAA UConn national champion and WNBA star, Ashley Battle and University of Pittsburgh All-American and Big East Hall of Famer, Coach Jennifer Bruce. For more information, call Coach Bruce at Plum Sr. High School. Call now…Do it now!:01 Time is running out to get your tickets to the best time you will have the rest of this year, Jazz at Le Maison Du Paix. For you city league grads…and some of you recent Penn Hills and Woodland Hills grads, that means “The House of Peace.” For your $25 donation, that will go to The Champions Toys for Tots Christmas Party, you get wine and cheese, the Fabulous Allure Models Fashion Show, face masks painted by local artist, Ernie Bey (a keepsake to be sure), photo taken for you and yours on the spot and last, but not least, the legendary Kenny Blake in concert. This is a VIP status dress to impress event to be held at one of the most magnificent locations in Allegheny County that you will never forget. (You must call to buy or reserve tickets. Only 60 tickets available. Call now, 412-628-4856.:00 Double OvertimeAnd this man could get it for you. A fond farewell to one of Western Pa’s all time greatest basketball stars, Mr. Jim McCoy. “Jumpin” Jim McCoy and his late brother Julius came out of Farrell, Pa. and dominated the game on every level. A former Pittsburgh Piper who I had the pleasure of knowing through Connie Hawkins, his Piper teammate. He now takes a starting position on “Heaven’s Hooper’s” and trust me, that already super star team just got taken to another level.~GAME OVER~ :10 SANDUSKY, will you please shut-up!! One or two people might lie on you, but not 40. Just shut up and take it the same way you gave it…say what!!last_img read more

Mets pitcher helps toss disruptive airline passenger

first_imgLATROY HAWKINSby Mike M. Ahlers(CNN) — When flight attendants needed help with a disruptive passenger, Mets pitcher LaTroy Hawkins didn’t balk. The lanky right-hander and fellow passengers pitched in, restraining the passenger while the plane was diverted to a nearby airport.Hawkins, 40, tweeted about the experience, which he said interrupted his American Airlines flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Santiago, Chile, where the ballplayer planned to go dove hunting.Hawkins said a passenger became upset when a flight attendant told him he couldn’t sit in an open seat in business class. “They started to wrestle and landed in my lap,” Hawkins tweeted.It was the wrong lap to land in apparently. Hawkins is 6 feet 5 inches and weighs 220 pounds.Hawkins and fellow passengers subdued the man, and the plane was diverted to Lima, Peru, where the passenger was removed.American confirmed that Flight 945, carrying 206 passengers, was diverted early Monday because of an unruly passenger.“The plane was met by local law enforcement when it arrived” in Lima, spokesman Matt Miller told CNN. “Other passengers on the flight helped our flight attendants escort the individual off the plane.”The plane was on the ground for about two hours before departing for Santiago.“Long day but we finally made it to our hunting lodge,” Hawkins tweeted.Tweeted one Hawkins fan: “Your new nickname should be air marshal.”last_img read more

Elite Cleaning Of Washington Gives Tips On Cleaning With Environmentally-Friendly Products

first_imgSubmitted by Elite Cleaning of WashingtonCleaning with Environmentally-Friendly ProductsGot dirt, stains, grease & grime?Let’s face it we all create messes! Someone needs to clean them up! What products do they use?Each store contains 1-2 aisles of different types of cleaners and people select what works best for them. Some products get the dirt gone, but hurt the environment while  other products are natural or safer for the environment and us. Absolutely, select and use what works for you!My team and I use various products to clean residential and commercial properties, but one of our favorite products are Shaklee’s Basic H, Basic G, and Scour Off paste. We use these 3 products every single day! In 2007, Oprah and Dr. Oz listed Shaklee’s Get Clean starter kit as one of Oprah’s favorite things. These products are earth-friendly and have been around since the 1960s.Basic H is a household cleaner. One 16 oz. bottle can make up to 48 gallons of cleaning solutions ranging from a drop for a window spray bottle to a stronger solution to clean oil off driveways. Basic G is a germicide. One quart bottle can make up to 64 gallons of germicide cleaning solution. It attacks over 40 types of bacteria, fungi, and viruses protecting your family’s health. Scour Off paste is a heavy-duty paste like Basic H.Elite Cleaning of Washington is fully licensed and bonded.For home cleaning services, contact Scottiejo at 360.529.2277. Facebook10Tweet0Pin0last_img read more

Massage Therapy For The Childbearing Year

first_imgSubmitted by Organic Wellness MassagePregnancy is an amazing time which holds many changes.  Some of the changes are exciting and welcome, but others are much more of a challenge.  Extra weight gain, postural changes, hormonal imbalances and emotional stress can lead to back, neck, pelvic pain, and fatigue.  Pregnancy massage is a therapeutic bodywork that focuses on the dramatic structural, physiological, and psychological ways a woman is changed and challenged throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  Massage can help alleviate some of the usual complaints of pregnancy.Potential Benefits of Massage Therapy During Pregnancy:Alleviates stress on the weight bearing joints (low back, ankles, pelvis)RelaxationReduces neck and back pain caused by improper balance and postureEases constipation, gas, and heartburn as general relaxation stimulates intestinal movementReduces excess fluid retentionSlows the progress of varicose veins through enhanced circulationRelieve headaches caused by tensionAlleviates leg crampsDevelops the sensory awareness necessary to kinesthetically embody the birth processAids in a speedy postpartum recoveryExperience A Comfortable PregnancyIn a study by the Touch Institute, University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, Florida; and Duke University Medical School, Durham, North Carolina, twenty-six pregnant women were assigned to a massage therapy or a relaxation therapy group for 5 weeks.  The therapies consisted of 20-min sessions twice a week.  Both groups reported feeling less anxious after the first session and less leg pain after the first and last session.  Only the massage therapy group, however, reported reduced anxiety, improved mood, better sleep, and less back pain by the last day of the study.  In addition, urinary stress hormone levels (norepinephrine) decreased for the massage therapy group and the women had fewer complications during labor and their infants had fewer postnatal complications (e.g., less prematurity).Pregnant Couple Massage Classes AvailableLearn self-care techniques and general pregnancy massage to support your partner through this wonderful, challenging time. Partners will learn a basic 20-minute massage sequence, including special massage strokes and techniques to maximize relaxation during labor.  Group and private classes available.  For more information, click here.About your Instructor Adriana Hutchings, LMPAdriana’s therapeutic technique combines her knowledge of anatomy with a holistic approach, assisting her clients in achieving optimal health and well being. She is nationally certified massage therapist as well as being nationally certified in pregnancy massage and labor support.  Adriana has been working with expectant couples for over 6 years and received her training from Kate Jordan who is the leading expert in pregnancy massage in the United States. Facebook22Tweet0Pin0last_img read more